Russia is trying to destabilize the Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow … News Time

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia security related high officials to be firm, while he accused the West to destabilize the country are being made. The security agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the top officials, speaking Russian President Putin expressed his hope that the international situation in Russia is expected to improve neighborhoods. Russian President would improve the situation, so that we will always continue to concessions, shall bow, will be talking to someone like children. He said that the situation would improve only if, when we are strong. Strained relations with the west of the country, the President Putin said Russia and Ukraine, including independent policy to try to help those in difficulty, which is the case of our colleagues and partner’s generally clean discomfort is not. Crime Peninsula of Russia to Ukraine a year ago and was merged separate groups in the eastern part of the country has continued to assist. Replying to the United States and European Union has imposed sanctions on Russian officials and businesses. Putin accused Western intelligence agencies and the government’s reputation and internal conditions intended to destabilize the general public, non-governmental organizations and community groups with political ambitions are using. He also said that the parliamentary elections to be held in Russia in 2016 and 2018 presidential elections are keeping afoot. In 2012 against Russia protests after President Vladimir Putin also signed a bill into law and is, under which non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Justice foreign agent will be listed, I think that about which they are involved in the arrangement, they will submit a report every 3 months.


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