Russia has orders 775 members of US diplomatic staff to leave the country

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Moscow … News time

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has announced that after the new US sanctions on Moscow, 755 members of US diplomatic missions staff will have to leave the mandatory country. The Russian president decided to withdraw US staff from Friday, but now confirming the number, the US staff will have to leave the mandatory country by 1September. After the departure of 755 members, the number of US staff members in Moscow will be 455 and the same number of Russian staff is currently deployed in Washington. BBC reporter Lara Baker in Washington has said that it is the biggest disadvantage of embassies at any time from any country in the current date. Russian President Vladimir Putin also confirmed reconciliation with the American staff’s confirmation of the country, saying that he does not want to take further measures but is not seeing any changes in relation to the change. President Vladimir Putin told Russian TV that more than a thousand people were working in US embassies and consulate offices. And 775 people will have to abandon their activities in Russia. The relationship between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is under severe pressure due to the alleged Russian intervention during US presidential election. Russian President Vladimir Putin commented with him that he could consider further measures but he is against them. He said that the establishment of special zones in Syria’s southern regions is an example of solid results in working together. However, while talking about normal relations, he said that we waited a lot with the hope that the situation would change. But it is known that if the situation is changing then it is not always right now. It was believed that the US House of Representatives last week voted to ban new sanctions against Russia, despite criticizing President Donald Trump. While in the past December, President Barack Obama ordered 35 Russian embassies to leave the country on account of hacking in the election and two Russian compounds were closed.


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