Russia does not want to fight, US Secretary of Defense

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

Berlin … News Time

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter saidNeither Russia with his country neither wants to return to the Cold War nor wants a new dispute. Germany on Monday while addressing a ceremony in the capital, said Defense Russia is not an enemy of the West, but if need be, to defend themselves against the aggression of Russia will come. He said that Russia imposed economic sanctions on the government of Ukraine in Moscow is helping to overcome aggressionRussian interference in Ukraine until there is complete elimination of these restrictions will be kept. Ash Carter said in his speech that the threat from Russia to Western countries, Ukraine’s case is just one aspect of it. He said that Russia compared to Western countries, which have a clear strategythis one is reminded of the Moscow That any state can not force the past towards the future with this is also being encouraged. During his stay in Berlin, his German counterpart, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter met with Ursula von der Leyen. The two leaders later left town MunsterNorway and the Netherlands, where he will meet with defense ministers. Ash Carter’s visit to Germany on Tuesday after he arrived in the three Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will meet with defense ministers. The three states with the Soviets forcibly took Affiliateand in the 1990s they gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union was. Estonia’s visit to Brussels, US Secretary of Defense Where NATO defense ministers meeting Wednesday and Thursday to be. The agenda of the meeting in the context of the crisis in Ukraine’s relations with Russia and European countries will discuss future strategy. NATO defense ministers Daas extremist group active in the Middle East against the alliance would also consider raising operations.


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