Russia and US face to face in Venezuela dispute

 While the US supports Juan Guaidó, Russia stands with its president present with President Nicolás Maduro.

While the US supports Juan Guaidó, Russia stands with its president present with President Nicolás Maduro.

Caracas … News Time

Russia’s government has said that he recognizes Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro as the legitimate ruler of the country and will support it in the support of him. Along with Russia, Russia has accused that the United States has backed the insurgency by recognizing Juan Guaidó as the interim president of the country. Because President Vladimir Putin’s nationalist and socially conservative government contradicts ideology from Venezuela’s Socialist government. But Russia’s support for Venezuela is not due to uniformity in ideology but also in the United States. Even today, on the upper floor of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s office, the Soviet empire is the oldest signs. Even today, the city of Moscow, Karl Marx, is a statue coming to the statue and Jon Lennon’s trends are available on the streets and underground places everywhere. But this is the rest of the socialist era.

Older ideas near the experts today are not the reasons for the support of Russia’s Nicolás Maduro. So what is the reason for this support? Russia’s defense analyst, Pavel Felgenhauer Hover says that support for the Venezuela’s use of Russia is not the cause of ideology, but the United States. Pavel Felgenhauer says Putin’s stand is like right-handed Christian. On one hand, Putin supports Europeanists, right-handed tough-standing positions in Europe, but in Latin America he left left-minded governments, namely Cuba, Brian Ortega in Nicaragua and then Nicolás Maduro. The effects of sanctions made by the United States have begun to appear against Nicolás Maduro’s government. According to the information, oil company Lukoil has terminated its contract with a oil-based oil-based company in Venezuela.

Analysts say there is no more trade agreement between Venezuela and Russia; however, military-type contracts are far more important. Talking about this, Andrey Kortunov, director of the Russian International Affairs Council, says that there are only few links between Russia and Venezuela. One is because he is far away, and especially due to the weakness of Venezuela’s economy, there is no interest in investing for small and medium companies, because the government is not stable, so private companies are reluctant to go there. Venezuelan conditions forced millions of people to leave the country. Most people did not go to Russia. Only a few people have gone there. The migrants say they did not see their future there and they came to Russia in search of a better future. Russia has urged the Venezuela government to begin negotiations so that the breakdown ends and Russia’s interests can be protected.


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