Rohingya minority be given equal rights: UN

Rohingya minority be given equal rights, UN

Rohingya minority be given equal rights, UN

Washington … News Time

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which called on Myanmar’s Rohingya minority of the country’s beleaguered citizenship and equal rights. Monday passed with majority the resolution of the General Assembly largely Muslim minority group from Myanmar with the treatment meted expressed deep concern. Contains a population of 140,000 Rohingya population, densely populated state in rkayyn are living in tents in poor conditions, based on the June 2012 issue sectarian tensions have killed 280 people. Burma is another name for Myanmar. Myanmar does not recognize the existence of ethnic Rohingyas. On the contrary, numerous local and state officials say that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh have. The UN resolution calls on the members of the group instead of full citizenship and the Bengali Rohingyas not be allowed to identify themselves as such the government has argued to the contrary. The resolution also urged Myanmar’s Rohingya equal access to the services to be provided by the government to protect allowed to return to their communities.


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