Refugee crisis:Europe cannot allow chaotic for Greece: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Berlin … News Time

Europe facing the refugees and the European Union member states, differences over immigrantsGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Europe cannot allow chaotic for Greece. Austria, Serbia and Macedonia have taken their own steps to limit the number of refugees on its territory. In Greece as a result of the large number of refugees are trapped. Due to these measures, the region’s passport to travel in Europethe existence of any threat to the Schengen zone has been seized. There are no border restrictions for travel in 26 countries included in this zone. Angela Merkel said that the EU member Greece to keep the euro currency war was not to be left alone now that the trouble had started. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in spite of the decline in his popularity in the country defended the German border open to refugees once again. Do you think that the euro All StatesWho did everything possible to keep Greece in the euro zone last year, a year later, Greece will become chaotic? For more people to take refuge in the past 10 years in Germanyafter the country’s ruling coalition due to differences also emerge. Talk to Angela Merkel, the German TV ARD said the proposal to limit the number of rejected asylum seekers they have no plan and they are not going to change this path. Angela Merkel said that the issue of Greece do you think Greece when they entered the main door refugees in Europe and has shown a strong reaction from the Austrian border restrictions and other countries. Greece crisis asylum seekers from these countries were not invited to the meeting held on recalled its ambassador from Austria. A meeting of refugee crisis in Europe is being held March 7 between Turkey and EU member countries, which will be a summit this month. Have about immigration; EU Commissioner warned that if the meeting did not prove decisive the system of European border can be completely disabled in a few weeks. Last year was the nature of the crisis to around 10 million refugees in Europe after the Second World War. This year there are one million refugees have been registered so far illegal in Europe, almost all of them in Greece. Most of these families came to Syria to escape the war also included is the number of people in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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