Qatari funds to be transferred into Gaza for Hamas and the Palestinians separate: Israeli prime minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Tel Aviv … News Time

It has been speculated by the government’s ruling party, Likud, on the occasion of meeting in Tel Aviv last day. The Palestinians had to divide Palestinians and allow them to allow Palestinians to supply the Gaza Strip’s ruling outfit ‘Hamas’. According to the newspaper ‘Jerusalem Post’, the current Israeli government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has embarked on the policy of spreading Hamas and Palestinian Authority against each other through supply of rows to Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Palestinian Authority has been transferring millions of dollars to Hamas in Gaza in the past. It is better to deliver Gaza’s money to the extent that this amount should be reached by Israel to Israel. Netanyahu said that supporters of delivery of Gaza to the Gaza Strip are opposed to the formation of the Palestinian state. Hamas and Palestine authorities have to face differences, Gaza and West Jordan are far from failing to felicitate the attempts of establishing a Palestinian state.

Then Netanyahu said in a speech at Bar-Ilan University that they have given their conditions in relation to the Palestinian state in front of the US Vice President Joe Biden. These include Palestine’s clearance of weapons; completely controlled Israel on the security of Israel, Palestinian territories will include conditions such as full permission of Israeli military intelligence operations. Netanyahu said Joe Biden said that whatever he was named but would not be a Palestinian state. Netanyahu addressed the nominated candidates of the Likud party, saying that no Jewish or Arab will be pulled out of the place of the establishment of the Palestinian state. He said that I am not tolerant to extract any person from his area and move somewhere else.


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