Qatar launches investigation into Mercy transfer sensitive documents

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi

Cairo News Time

Egypt’s government says deposed President Dr. Mohamed Morsi sensitive documents related to the national security investigation about the diameter of a transfer started. Mohammad Morsi also has been sentenced to death in different cases. Egypt’s state media in his presidency Mohamed Morsi official documents relating to the national security of the news channel Al-Jazeera broadcasts from Qatar had provided the allegedly damaged the country’s security. This year, the Secretary of the Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Morsi Amin alsirafy he accused army units deployed its weapons and important documents were provided to the chief editor of Al-Jazeera, it is being said that these chief the editor is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ie the Egyptian government on charges of misreporting Jazeera to broadcast three journalists was sentenced to prison terms ranging from 7 to 10 years. It is the country’s first military coup against President Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and was declared a terrorist organization. To protest the ouster of Mohamed Morsi akuanyun brutal crackdown by the army five thousand people were killed.


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