Putin has landed in Turkey to meet Erdogan, Agreed to advance the political process in Syria

 Putin has landed in Turkey to meet Erdogan

Putin has landed in Turkey to meet Erdogan

Ankara … News time

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to continue efforts to advance political process in Syria. During the visit to Turkey, President Putin met Turkish President Erdoğan last week. The meeting was the biggest issue of the Syrian crisis. Both leaders agreed to continue efforts for the political solution of Syrian crisis. He said that all the conditions are fulfilled to end the tension in Syria. President Putin said that positive results in Syria prove that cooperation between the two countries is very deep. Both leaders also emphasized reducing tension among the united parties in Syria and further extension of the security zone limits. President Erdoğan said in a joint press conference after the meeting that Russia’s cooperation will be needed for a long-lasting political solution in Syria. He said that the meeting has been discussed in the current situation of Syria, especially in reducing tension in Adlib. In response to a question asked by the Turkish President, Turkish President said that the independence of the region in Iraq is a major challenge. Russia and Turkey are both the supporters of Iraq’s unity. Erdogan said his government would stop Iraq’s Iraqi Kurdistan from doing any big mistake. The meeting was also agreed to promote trade between the two countries. President Erdogan said that more unusual progress will come to the relationship between Turkey and Russia.


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