Psychological and social problems of the world can help solve: Sylvie almtyry

Sylvie almtyry

Sylvie almtyry

Kuwait News Time

 Kuwaiti woman activist social leaders and global fame with his controversial statements by Sylvie almtyry ” the world ” problems ” for the ” miracle of miracles has offered to help. Mrs. Silvia almtyry from the social networking on video sharing website YouTube with English subtitles. Claimed that through a video footage of psychological and social problems in the world can help. Sylvie that although the this challenge is a challenge but I am world and they are ready to accept this challenge. Sylvie says its target Germany, France, UK, Canada, Australia, developed countries like the U.S. and Russia they are not developing and underdeveloped countries where people medical, psychological and social nature of all human problems is. Kuwaiti woman said, ” I ” miracle of miracles, the people of these countries through the psychological problems psychiatric disorders and citizens would save substantially. Entire society will breathe easy. Idea that the Kuwaiti community leader Sylvie almtyry past their ‘ tips ‘ unique and controversial statements in the media mntazah personality are considered. Luck in the 2012 parliamentary elections, but could not succeed. Elections in his country after the failure of the world she medical, psychological and social problems are left to resolve.


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