Prime Minister of Pakistan should not worry about the institution but the people

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

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What is the situation of inflation in the country, what kind of movement is rising in Balochistan, why the allies are crying one by one, what kind of unrest is arising in the people, what kind of unrest is taking place around the borders of Pakistan. The dangers are looming. What conspiracies are being hatched at home, what isolation the country is facing externally and what state we have reached economically, it seems that either the government is completely unaware of all this or For him, these are trivial matters or he is only concerned with whatever method is adopted to divert the rising and rising flood of PDM.

An emergency meeting of government spokespersons was called. In view of the internal and external situation of the country, it was thought that the Prime Minister would instruct all of them to look into the cause of the rise in inflation across the country. If the government’s popularity is declining due to the PDM campaign, how can it be remedied, what steps can be taken to revive the economy, how to deal with the unrest in the country? What can be done to control it, what are the steps that can be taken to bottle up inflation, how can border tensions be eliminated or reduced and how can the growing tensions on the external front are curtailed? I can change. The instructions given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Niazi Sahib to his spokespersons without any need for such issues will surely cause disappointment to the people. He first put various aspects of the PDM movement in front of the spokespersons and then immediately said as usual that there is no need to panic because this is not an issue for us at all because we have our own issues on public issues. The Prime Minister elaborated on the public issues that were raised.

Opposition parties are spreading false propaganda against an institution, we have to answer them. The PDM is trying to fight the army; we have to find a suitable solution. All of you should cover the media and try to convince the people in the morning and evening that we are flying in the right direction and will soon be able to land on a destination where the narrator is writing in Chinese. We have to raise the morale of Pakistan’s forces. They have to be defended.

Opposition leaders know that Imran Khan will not give NRO so they are putting pressure on the army. If the PDM issue was rigged, they would have supported us in electoral reforms. The PDM anti-government movement has no future, the best forum for dialogue and resolution of issues is Parliament but so far the Opposition has used Parliament for its personal interests, the Opposition is also accountable to the people who have been in power for two and a half years. I did not participate in the legislation. The people cannot be misled by lying. PDM is an unnatural movement. To date, the people have not come out for anyone’s personal interests. If the NAB had changed the law at their request, they would not be on the streets today will not be blackmailed, etc.

If all these instructions are put forward, then the thing that comes to the forefront of the whole of Pakistan is that the government and all its ministers, advisers and spokespersons are in a state of narcissism and they are aware of the problems of the people and their There is no sense of pain. Every democratic government comes into being through the people and that is why its focus is on the people but a government that claims to have been brought by the people and its first task Nothing but public welfare, on the contrary, the government, all its ministers and advisers, members of the provincial and national assemblies, even all those who are selfless and support the PTI day and night. All the forces seem to be talking about defending Pakistan, raising their morale, supporting them and taking care of their every need step by step. There is no doubt that we should defend them, but that should not mean that we should forget about the prosperity of those who came to power, nor should we think that Pakistan’s the forces may not know how to defend themselves.

The Prime Minister is urged to clear his mind of unnecessary thoughts and concerns and focus on the people and public issues. Try to understand the changing public trend in the mayoral election of Islamabad and focus on healing the wounds of the people instead of getting confused in all the confusion, otherwise the coming months and years seem to tell a different story.


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