Presidential election: Trump, Biden decisive campaign in the mid-western states

US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden

US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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The US presidential campaign is in its final stages, with both candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden holding key rallies in the Midwest, while the spreading corona virus has further highlighted their differences. According to the report of the news agency AFP, another record was set in the daily cases of code-19 in the United States. Donald Trump insisted on his strategy to deal with Corona and said that business activities would be resumed. He criticized his rival Democratic candidate, saying he intended to shut down the entire country in the name of dealing with Corona.

On the other hand, Joe Biden called Trump irresponsible for attracting voters. The former vice president took care of social distance in his rallies, while participants in Trump meetings often seem to ignore guidelines and restrictions on wearing masks both candidates are campaigning in the Midwest, including Wisconsin and Minnesota, Trump will travel to Michigan, and Biden plans to travel to Iowa. Trump’s 2016 victories in Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa were instrumental in securing the presidency. According to the website, the poll shows that Biden has the lead in all four states, with a difference of 6.5% in Michigan and just 1% in Iowa. Despite all the data regarding the US presidential election, both Democrats and Republicans consider these documents to be unrealistic, which led to the unexpected defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016, despite her clear lead in the polls was obtained.

Rallies in Florida:

Trump and Joe Biden are spending their energies in the decisive states where the decision appears to be made before polling day on November 3. Both candidates were in Florida on Thursday for a crucial vote. President Trump, 74, also rallied in Tampa and told his ardent supporters that the Corona virus, led by Joe Biden, would disrupt the lockdown. The Republican candidate pointed to his opponent and said that he would not do anything for you while we would not lock down again, we would keep the business open. Despite Trump’s claims, Corona’s cases in the United States continue to rise, and the virus has killed 228,000 people so far, raising fears of a second wave. According to Johns Hopkins University, 91,000 new cases were reported in the United States on October 29, the highest number in a single day since the outbreak began.

Joe Biden told a rally of his supporters in Broward County, marking social distance, that several important states, such as Florida, decide the outcome of elections. Responding to Trump’s statement, he said he would take a responsible lead in the White House after months of weak policy on a dangerous virus like Corona. “I’m not shutting down the economy, I’m shutting down the country, I’m going to shut down the virus,” Biden said. “We’re setting an example instead of spreading the virus like Trump did,” he said. Joe Biden said the body and soul of this country are at stake.


Both Trump and Joe Biden are making their campaign more decisive. Trump flew with troops to North Carolina after Florida, while the campaign has been postponed in several states due to bad weather. He also had to cut short his campaign at Biden’s Tampa rally due to bad weather, but he addressed his supporters. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Florida in 2016, but NBC News’ poll found that Biden has a 47-51 lead over Trump. 81 million American voters have cast their ballots in the pre-election voting.


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