President Trump agrees to hand over administrative powers to Joe Biden

President Trump agrees to hand over administrative powers to Joe Biden

President Trump agrees to hand over administrative powers to Joe Biden

Washington … News Time

President Donald Trump came close to conceding defeat on Monday when he called on the state-run General Service Administration to begin the process of handing over power to Biden. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. The French news agency AFP says Trump has acknowledged that it is time for the General Services Administration to take the necessary steps. The Republican president has signaled that he will sign the General Service Administration’s decision and work with Joe Biden’s team, even though he has been saying for three weeks that the November 3 presidential election was rigged.

According to AFP, President-elect Joe Biden’s team has welcomed the delayed transfer of power. The team said it was a difficult and important step towards a peaceful transfer of power. This means that Joe Biden’s team will now have the funds, office space and the ability to meet with federal officials. Joe Biden’s office, which hours ago announced the nomination of a highly experienced group for senior positions in US foreign policy and security, said the GSA now provides the necessary support for a smooth and peaceful transfer of power. President Trump has said in a recent tweet that how can the status of the most corrupt election in American political history go further? We are moving at full speed, we will never recognize fraudulent elections.

Earlier, during the counting of votes in the US presidential election, he had claimed that if you count the legal votes, I will win easily. They are trying to rig the election and we cannot allow that to happen. In recent days, a Pennsylvania court has also rejected Donald Trump’s allegations of widespread electoral fraud, which was another blow to President Trump. The latest state of Michigan has emerged after a sudden break in Trump’s failed attempt to overturn Biden’s victory, which has made the results clear, and President Trump supporters are calling for an end to the stalemate.


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