PPP and PML-N have reinstated the backward contacts  

PPP and PML-N have reinstated the backward contacts  

PPP and PML-N have reinstated the backward contacts

Karachi … News Time

According to sources, the backpack contacts have been restored in the PPP and PML-N. Messages are being transmitted by Khawaja Asif and Farooq H. Naik. Former President Asif Ali Zardari gave a call to PML-N to hand over the PML-N after receiving the message. Sources say that the possibility of a regular alliance by going forward can not be denied. And that in this regard, the PML-N will take charge of negotiations with Shahbaz Sharif.

Sources claim that before the possible alliance, both the parties will submit their Terms of Reference (TROs) to each other. Sources said that after the case of Kaja Panama, Nawaz Sharif was in touch with PPP. Asif Zardari was conveyed to the media by sending Khabar Asif to NL, but at the time, Asif Zardari, who did not make a difficult watch, rejected the offer. But now, when the PP leadership itself got bad time, the messages were not only given positive answers but Farooq was also given a task to get Nike contacts, which he has accomplished.

The main source of N league was to say   Nawaz Sharif also tried to convince Asif Zardari through Maulana Fazlur Rahman, but did not obey the former president. Later, a non-resident business person who is close to both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif has tried a lot, but could not succeed. Khawaja Asif was sad that Asif Zardari did not listen to him. He had said in his close circles that I was big about Zardari. Despite political differences, our personal relationship has never been bad. But Asif Zaradri did not listen to me in this matter.

It is clear that PPP’s co-chairman and former president Asif Ali Zardari did not allow the Senate chairman of the N league Senate in the Senate elections. Sadiq Sanjrani became the chairman of the PPP’s political party, who was ever elected to be elected from Baluchistan, and played such a game that there was nothing in the hands of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) justice. This is the deputy chairman Senate as well as the PPP and the leader of the opposition is from the BP.

However, after sources of the Supreme Court’s suspension and the ECL nominated, Asif Zardari understood that the game is not only going out of the hands of N league, but also the PPP has left the hands. Sources present in PP said Asif Zardari is still reluctant to raise his hand towards N league. They have been given a message to the Nawaz League that negotiations will be on their terms. On a question, the sources said what will be the conditions; it can not be said at all. However, if leaders of both parties are interested in their interests, they will have to hand them over. The present senate does not seem to come to the PPP and PML-N’s government. According to these sources of the PPP, since the Cabinet, there has been uninterrupted links between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. After such a contact, N Leauge leader Hussain Haqqani has been rejected by the demand for parliamentary commissioners.

Remember that the Pakistani ambassador to Pakistan Hussein Haqqani had stated that the Abbottabad Commission has hidden the facts.The United States is accused of issuing visas to the CIA agents. American Commando Visas did not bring Osama to catch Osama. This problem was raised to focus on two important questions. The first question, according to Hussein Haqqani, is why Pakistani agencies fail to stack Osama for nine years. And the second question was why why could not US navy sales be found in Pakistan? Following the revelations of Husain Haqqani, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif announced the parliamentary commission, on which Asif Zardari said that if Parliament made a parliamentary commission on Husain Haqqani’s case, then there should be all parliamentary commissions on any case since 1999. After the statement of Asif Zardari, the PML-N Parliamentarian commissioner behind the move and speaker Ayaz Sadiq made the matter super-commissioned. According to these sources, the latest progress has been made that after the messages from PML-N after Farooq H Naik, the PPP has restored contacts and other steps will be taken soon. However everything is not possible at all. The former prime minister will go forward after seeing the situation after Pakistan.


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