Powerul ruthless game in occupied Kashmir

Governor Raj imposed in Kashmir, at this time the power of the game continued to remain behind the whole force.

Governor Raj imposed in Kashmir, at this time the power of the game continued to remain behind the whole force.

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With the dissolution of the assembly in Jammu and Kashmir, the rare game of decades released in a new phase has entered. The two divide divisions of Kashmir’s politics are flowing with the subcontinent. One of them is India’s pro-system, which is called mainstream or nationalstream politics in Delhi’s dictionary. Another parallel parallel also flows, which is actually the national slogan, the freedom of freedom of politics. There is wide bay between the two streams. It was such that Delhi’s politicians politically used the resistance stream to gain more power and power. But it has never been done that the stream of freedom has kept an inspector from the national slogans. In the same decade, the crushers of Karmaja themselves showed that their resistance and mistakes resisted the power and strengthened. Even as the National Conference, the old party was deserted by Kashmir’s scene and its place was taken by dozens of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Hizb al-Mujahidin and similar organizations.

The wave of freedom in Kashmir did not spread the entire system but also the entire system. After which the political process was restored but it could not get credibility and credibility in the society of Kashmir. The realities of emotions and feelings in Kashmir remained futile. His appeal was increased with every passing day. Freedom of liberty was achieved by collecting millions of congregations and giving a strike call by giving a call for strike. Thus, in the atmosphere and atmosphere, the status of the Indian-based political system remained unstable at the surface of the surface.

In the last elections of the Kashmir assembly, the BJP organized a slogan of 44+ mission organized by the Chief Minister. But the Muslim majority of Kashmiris became the path of this desire, and the People’s Democratic Party of Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah’s National Conference succeeded and BJP failed to form government. During that period protesting and protesting politics was under pressure and in this environment Mehbooba Mufti was very difficult to establish a mixed government with the India Janta Party. Several months Mehbooba Mufti himself mentally prepared himself for this difficult decision and finally PDP formed a coalition government with the India Janta Party. Then a new era of the beginning of the occupied Kashmir government started. The Kashmiris started a fierce resistance to the BJP’s sovereignty and the threat to Kashmiris, and the incident took place in the same period. The martyrdom of young people who got reputation through social media brought the point of view to Kashmir and there was no grip on the situation of Kashmir government. Shortly before, the BJP took back the support of Mehbobah Mufti and the coalition government ended, after which Governor Raj imposed in Kashmir. At this time, the power of the game continued to be in full force.

Saturn Paul Malik, the occupied Kashmir governor, continues to reinforce the BJP again. This time the PPP Conference head Sajjad Lone was kept ahead of the valley. Buying the National Conference and PDP members, the efforts of the BJP to continue the majority continue. In the meantime Mehbooba Mufti, along with the Congress and the National Conference, continue to make a government-run effort. Both factions needed 44 members to govern the government, both of them were claiming to be targeted the governor made the path of new elections by announcing to break the assembly. Thus India’s ruthless game entered a new phase. The common man of Kashmir has always been narrow and awakened with this game, and today the axis of the valley’s interest in the valley is rather a political politics. This question is important in our place that why the Janta party is completely wanted to be the master of Kashmir and the power of authority? In such cases when the Jinnah party is also claiming to eradicate Kashmir’s special identity and completely integrate it to India. This wish is causing birth to many other questions. This war of power in Kashmir has nothing to do with the emotions and feelings of Kashmiri people. It is a tremendous ground reality in Kashmir that there are two separate constituencies and election politics and there is no point in both.


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