Power show at   Minar-e-Pakistan: Imran Khan announces the 11-point election manifesto

Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan

Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan

Lahore … News Time

Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has declared the 11-point manifestation for the election if I come to the government, I will make the nation new Pakistan by following these points, nation has never disappointed me, and I will not disappoint them too. There will be no need to take any loan from anyone to fight for public rights till the last drop of blood the money will be collected from the nation. The N League says I am radical. Actually, I am the mother of my mother, whose conscience is a voter in the Senate election, the video of the time taking note of her note. Sugar will not defeat PTI in the future, 5 million will make cheap home Sugar Mafia will not leave the civil court will give the rights to the strong provinces, the civil case will not exceed a year women will assume property. He was addressing the general public on Sunday at Minar-e-Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Parvez Khattak, Jahangir Tareen and others in their appointment said that the destination is near. The nation saw the League and the PPP, giving opportunities, but it did not change. Now the patience of the nation has become tremendous, Nawaz Sharif did not return the government but also spoiled the country. Imran Khan said in his address that the system will improve education in the country as well Tax system will eliminate the right corruption, promote investment in the country will give jobs to the youth Tourism will be promoted Agricultural emergency will be implemented in the country comprehensive programs will be launched for the welfare of women, he said that the nation never disappointed me and helped me at all times. I will not disappoint them and fight for the public rights till the last drop of blood he said that the N League says I am old, even though I am the mother of my mother he said, “I do not ever give up, I fight for the end.

PTI has become a major political force after the difficult period; PTI is the country’s largest party the time will prove that no party will be able to defeat it, while presenting 11 points, Imran Khan said that the nation will bring an educational curriculum to make one. Health will bring health insurance to the public sector, and in this regard will show up to Rs 8000 rupees every year. He said that in the third work, I will show money from my nation and no one will need to take a loan. Imran Khan said that I would strengthen NAB to stop corruption, Courts and other institutions will strengthen and its example is also that we have removed 20 members of the assembly. He said the members of the party were handed over to the provincial assembly we have a video regarding them where they are taking money.

Imran Khan said that Money will stop laundering and withdraw money from overseas and spend on education. Regarding the fifth point, he said that we will bring investment and result in a decrease in unemployment. Imran Khan incorporated jobs at sixth and said that 5 million would make cheap homes the details of which details will tell later, he said that God has given a beautiful country and the easiest task is to get jobs in tourism, so four new places will open each year and the whole country will be the tourist center. The eighth point of view will be reform in agriculture, because no one is worried about the farmer, even though it works hard for the whole year. And especially sugar mill mafia has been damaged but will not leave this mafia.

Imran said that we will strengthen the federation and give all the provinces their rights and as soon as it will declare the Southern Punjab province at the administrative level and instantly integrate FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that the losses which were done in FATA would be completed and maximum development funds were given. He said that all the Pakistanis will bring the municipal system and Mayor’s selection will be straightforward and the funds will be given to the representatives instead of the assembly. Imran Khan said that the work will be done in the environment and will work for the end of pollution, will make plans to clear the rivers. He said that Mirat will bring and improve the police and will make the police un-political, and one day people will say that Punjab Police is alive. The PTI chairman said that KP has decided to join the Chief Justice in the case that the civil case will not exceed a year, The retired judge in the KPK, sitting in military and bureaucrat, makes quick decisions, will bring the same system to Pakistan. Presenting his lasting point, he said that he will educate women and make schools each new three schools will be for two children, and 70 colleges of every 100 colleges will be for girls. He said that women should have legal protection for which we have opened the women’s police station in KPK similarly, police stations will make and through the law, women will be allowed to property within the property.


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