Ports and the holy places in Gaza would take away the right of Palestinian

Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas' political chief Khaled Meshaal sector

Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas’ political chief Khaled Meshaal sector

Doha … News Time

Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshaal said sector Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to celebrate the courage and bravery of the Palestinian people, but also resulted in the defeat of Israel and the Palestinians is a celebration of victory.  In the Gaza Strip into a graveyard for the ambitions of Israel and the killing of innocent sentence shunyun I have received. According to the Palestinian Centre in Doha, capital of Qatar, speaking at a news conference in Gaza Khaled Meshaal said Israel’s war on terror policy has failed miserably. The war on the Zionist regime, which they feel cramped saluntk remember it now. Palestinian resistance movement against the enemy of fear and prove that the balance is maintained for the Palestinian Israeli army can not prove.  Hamas leader said in response to a question at this time, the Zionist leadership forged in victory but it truly is the greatest evidence of the triumph of the Palestinians. “Fodder eaten” by the name of Palestine against the Zionist enemy’s battle for independence is an important milestone.  He then nationally and throughout the Muslim world of Palestinians in Israeli courage and bravery in the face of anger and the courage to fight the enemy with Dad getting paid. Palestinian mujahideen truly have been the country’s independence. Hamas says Gaza war made ​​us safer and closer to their destination. The time is not far when the temple, the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Zionists in Palestine will be free of cruel clutches. In response to another query, the head of Hamas’s political department, said Israel did not lighten. We know that many international contractors are standing at the back of the Jewish state. They provide assistance in the military but our intentions and goals are not scarce. To a question, he said the Palestinian mujahideen defeated the enemy in every field has. The great success of the mujahideen to fight all the days that they paralyzed life in Israel and left. The whereabouts of the Palestinian resistance to Israel and the Palestinian commanders had to search hard to top heel was being targeted by the bombing. Conflict and ensure the success of the Palestinian armed resistance to the Israeli enemy showed perseverance and courage. Jews of the world has become a burden for the State of Israel. Israel to prove yourself to your physical being, but also globally failed to respect human rights and international organizations are active forces that oppressed Israel or Palestinian.


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