Pope Francis rejects married men to beAmazon priest’s proposal

Pope Francis rejects married men to beAmazon priest’s proposal

Pope Francis rejects married men to beAmazon priest’s proposal

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Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Christians, rejected the proposal to appoint married male pastors in churches in remote parts of South America. In October last year, dozens of bishops from several South American countries suggested to the Vatican that they should legally allow married men to be ordained priests. The proposal was given after a severe shortage of pastors in thousands of cows and churches in remote cities and areas in at least 9 countries in South America. Reports in October 2019 revealed that pastor religious leaders were lacking in thousands of remote South American countries in at least 9 South American countries in the Amazon region of South America.

Reuters reported in 85 percent of South American church churches missing a pastor, since the cows are located in remote areas, there is no unmarried person willing to become a priest. Nor is it found locally on people who are very close to religion and are also virgins. According to reports, there are thousands of cows from countries in South America where there is no pastor in their churches, because of this; there are problems with Christian followers, including weekly worship. Bishops of South American countries suggest Vatican, the center of Christianity, after a severe shortage of priests in remote churches that allowing married people to become priests can end the problem of the priest.

It was thought that the proposal by the Bishops of South America would be approved after a high-level meeting in the Vatican. It was also thought that the conditional permission for a married man to be ordained a priest would be granted only in the countries of South America however, Pope Francis has now rejected the proposal.

According to Reuter’s news agency, Pope Francis has rejected the proposal to appoint married men explicitly as pastors in churches in remote parts of South America. The report quoted Vatican City officials as saying that although Pope Francis had rejected the aforementioned proposal a month and a half before the documents were prepared, they took time to translate. The report states that in 32 pages of the Pope Francis decree, married men are referred to as priests without reference to the law of the priesthood that only uneducated persons can receive the office of pastor. Documents Pope Francis calls pastors in remote South American countries as serious problem that we have to find other alternative ways to solve it.

Pope Francis suggested in the document that the problem could be solved by appointing other regional religious leaders to pastors in remote churches in South American countries.

At the same time, Pope Francis urged other religious leaders to find other ways to resolve the issue. The report said that where Pope Francis declared it unnecessary for a priest to be ordained, Pope Francis also banned women from being ordained deacons. Pope Francis wrote without explaining that women could not be ordained as minors.

It should be noted that no married or sexually active man is allowed to become a priest in the Catholic Christian community. Nor do women of certain religious backgrounds be allowed to marry and be sexually active. In Christianity at least one thousand years ago, priests and other religious leaders, including monks, were declared unmarried and sexually motivated. Although Christianity is not against marriage and sexuality, religious affiliation is forbidden by such persons. If Pope Francis allowed married men to become pastors in South American countries, this would have been viewed as the biggest change in Christianity over the past one thousand years.


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