Pope Francis has appointed an African-American Cardinals for the first time

Archbishop Walton of Washington became the first cardinal of African Americans

Archbishop Walton of Washington became the first cardinal of African Americans

Vatican City … News Time

Pope Francis appointed 13 new cardinals, including the first African-American. According to the foreign news agency ‘AFP’, the newly elected cardinals were given a ring and a red hat called Britta at the ceremony held in St. Peter’s Basilica. The cardinals selected are from Italy, Malta, the Philippines, Chile, Brunei, Mexico and the United States. Wilton D. Gregory, the 72-year-old archbishop of Washington, said he was a “symbolic person” and became the first cardinals of African American descent. Since Pope Francis’ election in 2013, Argentina’s pope has appointed 95 new cardinals to events known as consistories. A majority of the cardinals nominated by Pope Francis will choose his successor. During the ceremony, Pope Francis warned that new cardinals would be tempted by their new ‘popularity’ and avoid being ‘close to the people’. He said that the red color of the cardinals’ clothing, which is the color of blood, could also be the color of secular ‘superiority’ for a worldly soul. All the cardinals of the world arrive in Rome to receive the newly elected cardinals during the ceremony. However, due to the Corona epidemic, several cardinals could not attend the ceremony this year. Due to the corona virus, the tradition of exchanging ‘kisses of peace’ with the Pope and all other cardinals was suspended. Nine of the newly elected cardinals are under the age of 80 and thus are eligible to attend a conference to elect the next pope after the death or resignation of Pope Francis.


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