PM and opposition leader met to hammer out consenus on the name of caretaker prime minister

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and opposition leader Khursheed Shah

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and opposition leader Khursheed Shah

Islamabad … News Time

After the completion of the term of PML-N’s government on May 31, the official start of the consultation process between the government and the opposition, on the basis of the appointment of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, opposition leader Khursheed Shah on Wednesday. In the meeting in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Minister of Defense and other important national affairs were discussed. To generate consensus, Prime Minister and opposition leaders will meet again in the next few days, we believe that now there is going to be a boom for general elections and only 50 days of the present government has left for the present government, Prime Minister has given 2 nomination opposition leaders to the Prime Minister while the opposition leader has given two names to Prime Minister.

The meeting has found that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan will consult the ruling party and its allies on the names given by the opposition opposition leader. Similarly, Syed Khursheed Shah will consult the opposition parties. The fact is that in the Constitution, it is clear that the appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister will be chaired by the Prime Minister and the opposition leader, In the 3 days of dissolution of the Assembly, the Prime Minister will have to announce consensus, If the government and the opposition leader are not agreed in three days, the matter will be sent to the Speaker’s Committee, The Parliamentary Committee will consist of 8 members from the National Assembly or Senate, which will have equally represented representation of the government and the opposition, The same method will be adopted in the provinces, And 6 parliamentary members of the Parliamentary Parliamentary Committee, According to the constitution, these committees will finalize the name of the Minister for Defense and Prime Minister in three days in three days, If this committee does not come to any conclusion, the Election Commission will be sent to the commission which will make the final decision in two days.

In our opinion, the need for complete consensus on this issue is being felt very intensely in these situations, while some circles have also been impressed by the general elections. Or they can take two or three years till the accounting process is completed. We have also requested that general elections should be held at a fixed time as far as the decisions of cases related to forced accountability and courts are coming, the system should remain on this account, the accountability process should continue, Courts’ decisions also come as if no political personality is inevitable for the country and the nation.

The fact is to keep on running the current democratic system. If someone is misunderstanding that the country’s system will not be stopped due to its absence, then it is his mistake. The fact is to be given such personality to the supervisor of prime minister whose personality is unstable, There are no illegal assets outside the country, general reputation is good, the provisions of the Constitution meet 62 and 63, and above all that they ensure the transparency of the general elections in the present circumstances.

On the other hand, during the hearing of 36 petition petitions filed in the Election Commission regarding objections on new constituencies. Chief Justice Commissioner, Justice Retired Sardar Raza, in response to the arguments of the lawyer, said that if we do not come under pressure from the present prime minister and will not come, how we can come to the pressure of former prime minister. The remarks of the Chief Election Commissioner have become even clearer that nobody is involved in the new constituencies. But, according to all the rules, according to the rules, public opinion will be, and no one can be impressed with the possibility of the Election Commission. The ban on development works and new government recruitments is a good step in order that no general election can be affected.


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