Palestinian nation’s long-term rights abolished in US peace plan: Arab League

Palestinians protests against Trump's Middle East peace plan

Palestinians protests against Trump’s Middle East peace plan

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The Arab League says Palestinian rights have been violated in a peace plan announced by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit said on Wednesday that a preliminary study of the project between Palestinians and Israelis shows that the legal rights of Palestinians have been severely curtailed. However, Ahmed Abul Gheit made it clear that we intend to financially evaluate American Vision; we are open-minded to make any serious effort to ensure peace.

It is to be remembered that on Tuesday, the US President Donald Trump announced his peace plan for the Middle East last Tuesday, after working for more than two years in secret. Trump has come to believe with a “two-state solution” proposal that Palestinians have the right to lead a much better life now. The area of ​​Palestinian state proposed in Trump’s plan is less than the territory occupied by Israel in 1967 on which Palestinians seek to establish their state. After Trump revealed the peace plan, the United Nations has convinced it will remain on the 1967 borders.

On the other hand, the French Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it would be careful to respect the legal and legitimate hopes of the Israelis and Palestinians.  According to the Foreign Ministry, he is convinced that a two-state solution is required by international law and internationally recognized standards for the establishment of fair and lasting peace in the Middle East.


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