Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir converts

Orally speaking Pakistan stands with Kashmir but practically he is tied with India

Orally speaking Pakistan stands with Kashmir but practically he is tied with India

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Indian cruelty in occupied Jammu and Kashmir has not been a new thing. There is no day that there is no evidence of injuries or injuries in the occupied valley by suffering from the Indian army’s oppression. Despite this, there is a sharp contrast against the Indian slogan in the whole world. Now Pakistan too has taken a lot of peace on Indian aggression. It seems that Pakistan has accepted the Indian stand on Kashmir issue and has accepted Indian army’s methods on the people of occupied Kashmir. Pakistan has always been the principal stand on Kashmir issue that it is the basic right of Kashmiris to give them the right to decide who they want to live with, with Pakistan or India. The United Nations has also ratified the agreement on this matter, which India has also acknowledged that there should be remarkable opinion in Kashmir. Over time, Pakistan’s position is softening in Kashmir. The Pakistani stand on Kashmir in very soft words can now be called hypocrites. Orally speaking Pakistan stands with Kashmir but practically he is tied with India.

A clear example of this is India’s support on the non-permanent seat seat in the Security Council. Bharti’s track record is extremely shameful about the minorities. The US banned a Modi entry into the United States for a period of time due to blood-riots riots in Gujarat. Indians are the first to respect women’s autobiography. On the one hand, Muslim minorities are also not protected from Hindu terrorists on the one hand. Such a choice should have been difficult for the Security Council of India. In this, the government of Pakistan needed to play its role in a full way that it would bring the true Indian face to voters; The UN mobilizes NGOs in this regard.

Instead of doing all this, the Pakistani government was expecting Kashmiri resistance and Pakistani people doing all this, by adopting attitude of hypocrisy, India decided to support. In the meantime, whenever there is a problem of Kashmir in the Security Council, India will get the opportunity to bring it against the Security Council platform against it. And with the help of Israel, America, France, Britain and Russia should also comply with India in this matter. It is a failure at Pakistan’s diplomatic level that it has decided to support it instead of resisting India. Now, what kind of friendship will be told to the friends of the countries that they should oppose the enemy of India. It would be better to review Pakistan’s Kashmir policy and adopt a positive stand on Kashmir. If Pakistan has its own position, it would mean that the occupation of India on Kashmir is correct. The senior Kashmiri leader Saeed Ali Gilani said that we are facing oppression; Pakistan should at least stand on its stand.


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