Pakistan’s major partner in Germany, Asia’s any way not possible without Islamabad: German foreign minister

German Foreign Minister (Frank Walter Steinmeier)

German Foreign Minister (Frank Walter Steinmeier)

Islamabad … News Time

German Foreign Minister (Frank Walter Steinmeier) in the region, Pakistan, Germany is the largest shareholder. Germany Pakistan relations during the interview question said Asia’s any way not possible without Pakistan, this is the sixth country of the active population and the business center has great potential. It is important partner for Germany in the region, the main issues of international politics is the communications hub. He said that I’m happy about the relations between the two countries are strong we estimate that in the last months of growing interest for German industry,  several high level visits or the growing number of Pakistani students in Germany can put. Germany as an exporter develops friendly relations with Pakistan firmly believes and the democratic development of Pakistan wants to support. The question that Pakistan and Germany are partners in the fight against terrorism, Pakistan recently eight terrorists’ safe havens in North Waziristan operation is started, Germany looks at him, and He said that Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorist attacks. December 2014 school massacre in Peshawar images are still present in our minds. Then again, it is clear that all types emerged as clear and definite fight against extremist violence in Pakistan’s own interest. It is good to eliminate safe havens for militants in Pakistan are on. I think that the fight against extremists with legal requirements and respect for human rights must be. Once again I am in favor of the death penalty law should be banned. According to our firm opinion the death penalty is an inhuman punishment. Germany’s economic aid to Pakistan on the question of what they think, he said that at this time we are very active in the improvement of energy supply, Particularly renewable energy, improve the police force, to develop the rural areas of Balochistan and FATA areas. Pakistan supported us in the development of the 60s has cost 5.2 million euros but in the future we will take care of the growing need. I hope that the future will be more and more private sector involvement. The number of German companies operating in Pakistan in recent years has increased significantly. Especially the development of regional infrastructure, such as Gwadar port, which provides great potential, South Asia economically attractive for European companies to hold the neighboring countries India, China, Afghanistan and Iran is the right way with the process of economic integration. On the question of the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in Taliban attacks in Afghanistan has increased, Taliban government in Kabul could lead the way? His sovereign and democratically elected government in Afghanistan, which is supported by the majority of the population. The tense security situation, the bloody attacks in recent weeks due to the wheel of time moving forward. Taliban has plummeted. Recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan are a sign of weakness rather than strength. Emirate of the Taliban that they are vain dreams buried forever, and for the benefit of Afghanistan in a political process to share their interests. The fight against terrorism and the peace process in Afghanistan and Pakistan is central to. Only one of the two countries can meet this challenge together. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Germany this bold step and supports Ghani. We sincerely hope that Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent weeks despite the cowardly attacks will open the way to dialogue and reconciliation that way.


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