Pakistan’s double standards over Asia Christ and Aafia Siddiqui

Pakistan’s double standards over Asia Christ and Aafia Siddiqui

Pakistan’s double standards over Asia Christ and Aafia Siddiqui

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that Asia Christ will soon depart from Pakistan. He said that there is a complexity in which the media cannot be informed. For Asia Christ, Imran Khan assured the whole world that he was safe and soon Pakistan will leave but they did not take the nation into confidence once again that when Pakistan’s daughter Dr Aafia will return home. In case of Asia Christ and Dr. Aafia, it is equally similar to the court in both cases. Asia Christ was released because of the influence of the government in Pakistan even though the Sessions Court and the Lahore High Court heard death sentence on Asia Christ.

Dr. Aafia’s case also influenced the US government and on the incredible statement that Aafia took an American commando and shot him on fire despite being weak and weak. Aafia was sentenced to 88 years. It is unfortunate of the Pakistani nation that Aafia was sold to a regular American government in the rule of General Pervez Musharraf. On the official level, this can rarely get an example from the history of this promotion. Mysterious silence of every government regarding the release of Aafia in this regard. Before Imran Khan came to the government, many times he kept demanding Dr. Aafia to return to Pakistan and it also announced that after coming backward, Dr. Aafia will be his first priority to bring Pakistan.

Imran Khan has been in power for more than 8 months and yet he has enough performance in this regard. That they say that silence should be done. It is the right to the nation to know that Asia Christ is going, but when the Aafia will come. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s case is unique in all respects. He was abducted in Karachi for three years in government care, including his three children. After the abduction, he was transferred to Afghanistan. Years of Aafia did not know anything. Later, after revealing Yvonne Ridley, a Pakistani woman is in Bagram prison, Aafia was charged that he stole his heavy gun with an American commandor and shot fire on him. It is not uncommon that a weak and a female woman who has been related to academic research can be able to snatch a gun with a strong commando. If so, the US Army should review its military training. After this blasphemy, Dr. Aafia was shifted to America. The American puppet court also recognized this allegation and also heard of Aafia’s 88-year sentence. Whatever the Americans did, it could be talked about when there was a sovereign ruler in Pakistan. Even here, despite the offer of the US government, if the Government of India should make a regular request so he is ready to hand over Dr. Aafia to Pakistan, Zardari, none of Nawaz Sharif did so much in the entire regime, even Nawaz Sharif’s ministers and Nawaz Sharif also assured him several times. Imran Khan’s family and entire nation had great hopes from Imran Khan that he had made a clear assurance about this. However, it also proved to be a big turn of Imran Khan. The nation wants to know what the end is that any government is afraid to bring Dr. Aafia back to Pakistan. The Taliban ensure freedom of their leaders through daily talks. People like the U.S. Army were arrested by Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef and Mullah Abd al-Ghani, now, at the negotiation table, America’s eyes are eyeing eyes and their conditions are accepting. Are Pakistani nationals and Pakistani rulers too weak than the Taliban who are afraid of bringing a weak woman to Pakistan.

It would be better that Imran Khan should at least demonstrate that he should clearly inform the nation for reasons why Dr. Aafia cannot be brought back to Pakistan. Or they should keep all these factors in front of the nation, due to which the Aafia returns home is impossible. In such a case, the US should be told to be clear that the prisoners who are not allowed to go beyond Pakistan can also be told and if a prisoner has betrayed Pakistan, he will be given the punishment of treason for death.

It is a strange situation that Pakistan releases Indian fishermen as a good day, but bodies of Pakistani prisoners get found from India. Pakistan provides immediate withdrawal from India to India, but India does not agree to send Pakistan married to Pakistan after divorce. Pakistan attacker Abhinandan also honors India with respect and in response to the line of control, bombardment of civil population in Pakistan continues.

US agent Raymond Davis kills 3 people in a day in Pakistan. The entire Pakistani government machinery utilizes all its influence and allows it to leave Pakistan with full guard of honor. Sessions Court and High Court sentences ASEA, but it can corrupt the whole government machinery. During this period foreign diplomats are also invited to meet Asia. Now prime minister himself is listening to him as a passionate emotional sentiment. Prime Minister simply explains that Pakistanis are Pakistanis or representatives of the United States, Israel and India. If Pakistan’s representative government is concerned, then consider the interests of Pakistan as the US and Indian governments are undermined to protect their citizens, the Pakistani government is also upstairs. Dr. Aafia is the test case in which the governors are still unsuccessful.


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