Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umer to take risks

Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umer

Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umer

Islamabad … News Time

The person who runs Pakistan’s economy does not fear taking risks when the country’s new finance minister Asad Umar was told two decades ago they can not import chemicals because of the weak security standards of the Karachi Store Terminal so they built their new terminal. At that time he was a senior official in a private institution and became the Chief Executive Officer where he was developing. And by increasing the fertilizer production, the company changed into a large group of countries. Shamsuddin Shaikh, head of the company’s energy sector and he has worked for Asad Omar for nearly 18 years, He says the storage unit shows how to deal with his former chief challenges to prepare an unusual way. They reach the bottom of the problem and focus on the details and that’s exactly what 57-year-old Asad Umar enables for this work.

Asad Omar lacks the problems of his problems under his new responsibility. He said in an interview last month, “The South Asian nation needs a $ 12 billion bailout package due to excessive lending. Most analysts hope that the former cricket legend and new Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon knock the IMF door again. Foreign exchange reserves lasted by one third to $ 9.9 billion last year while the nation faces double loss, more than 5% of the total domestic production is facing the current debt and budget deficit. Authorities have reduced the value of rupees 4 times since December 4.

Asad Omar filed an interview in Islamabad in a short time before the formal appointment; saying that whatever is needed it should be done in the next few weeks, while they should have done it 6 months ago. Asad, aggressively overtake the ages aged by immediate crisis, more dependent on debt And by giving income tax try to get rid of problems like destructive more than one percent of the population of more than 20 million people file tax returns. Asif Khan, Chief Financial Officer of Dubai-based Delta Partners Consultancy said the government has to walk on a steady rope that plans to increase its development and welfare expenses because it is contradictory to minimize economic risks by stiffening monetary and financial policy.

Asad Umer does not hesitate to take Risk; the Finance Minister is related to a military family, during his 1971 War, his father was General, after the retirement, the family moved to Rawalpindi from Karachi to Karachi. Asad Umar studied at a public school. Being the youngest among the 7 children, she shared a room with her brother Munir Kamal who became the chairman of the National Bank of Pakistan and Mohammad Zubair, former governor Sindh, 62-year-old Mohammad Zubair recalls that his younger brothers were interested in playing more cricket and badminton than for the examination. Yet, they succeeded in getting good grades like other good students. Today, brothers are politically isolated, Asad Umar left Anglo and Imran Khan joined Tehrik-e-Insaf in 2012 after trying to join him in the party several times. Mohammad Zubair joined the party of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif this year and became a minister in his government. Both brothers often differ publicly, but the difference remains till date.

The new government has a little more honeymoon before potentially making difficult economic reforms. Omar Yousuf, managing director of a private company, knows the days since the part of the corporation, said that it is going to be very difficult. However, he has made a good team and Asad, Imran is the most capable and intelligent I’m optimistic for what I know.


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