Pakistan: General Elections and Code of Conduct?

It seems that in the election campaign till July 25, the former ruling party will remain in the same position

It seems that in the election campaign till July 25, the former ruling party will remain in the same position

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Almost 3 weeks left for the general elections, but the country could not be fully elected. Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, PML-N, PPP and other parties are engaged in election corner meetings. Since PML (N) leader Nawaz Sharif is present in London and there is no visible return of his return. Therefore, the Muslim League (N) could not get into the electoral field with the whole trust and Ekusi. It seems that in the election campaign till July 25, the former ruling party will remain in the same position. Surprisingly, the Muslim League (N) electables prefer to contest elections as an independent candidate rather than the party. In this situation PML (N) President Shahbaz Sharif is very unconscious and humble.

Punjab, including Lahore, was considered to be a Muslim League but now it seems that the scenario has changed. The last 5-year performance of PML (N) has become extremely disappointing. There was a strong emphasis on making roads, bridges and metro buses in the previous round of Nawaz Sharif but there was no improvement in the public’s life. No one focused on education and health while there was a huge increase in inflation, unemployment and poverty. Even the loadshedding could not end.

The elections are happy for the transparent and neutral election by the Election Commission. This time, the decision to deploy a military officer inside and outside of the polling station is also a blessing to avoid the fate of the general elections. The fact is that transparent and fair elections for the prosperous and developed Pakistan are inevitable. In the past, the elections even from the 1970s to 2013 elections have been accused of fraud. According to the sources of the Election Commission, on the occasion of general elections, a million army personnel will be present in and out of the polling stations in four provinces. This is an important decision, which will definitely have a good effect. Strictly enforced onion is essential on electoral laws. By harassing candidates by violence and interfering their rails and corner meetings, thus violating the electoral rules for candidates of different parties, Election Commission should be moving soon after spending millions of rupees. Because if even in these elections, open democratic scams are scattered and the result is achieved, the real democracy in the country will never be established. Transparent elections have been guaranteed in the Constitution of the Constitution.

It is the responsibility of the caretaker government and the Election Commission to make it possible for holding independent and fair elections with the help of the judiciary. If the elections are controversial like the 2013 elections, then democracy will not be stable but because of a weak democracy, the chain of conflicts between the institutions will continue in the future. Accountability and selection should be followed. It does not have two opinions that corrupt elements should not come to the next assemblies but it does not mean in the name of accountability, a party should be revenge. Accountability should be of all and there is no blame. Nawaz Sharif will also come back to accept judiciary decisions. If the leadership of the Muslim League understands itself innocent, then it should stand in court instead of escaping the path. The PML (N) was silent when Sindh was getting accountable against PPP but now she is blamed on corruption cases. The 479 Pakistaniis involved in Panama Leaks are also the most demanding time to torture. Similarly, Dubai Leaks, Paradise Leaks and Debt Examiners should also be accountable, should not be joking in the name of accountability. If there are corrupt elements in PPP, Tehreek-e-Insaf and other parties, they will have to eliminate their fortune.

In this context senior journalist, poet and editor, Mr. Saeed Aasi, also writes in his recently published book Teri Bukkal De Wich Chor. In the present election system, there is an opportunity to participate in electoral process only for the privileged privileges. Historical facts have been described in Saeed Aasi’s book. Last week, I also got the opportunity to participate in the event of Saeed Aasi’s book Teri Bukkal De Wich Chor in the Quaid-e-Azam Library, Bagh Jinnah Lahore. I expressed my views on the program and said that with strong democracy, Pakistan could be on the rise towards development and prosperity. Mr. Saeed Aasi is known as an honorable person in the field of literature and journalism. He is a pain-loving man who has a tendency for the nation and nation.

Yes, you were talking about 25 July elections and Code of Conduct! The open violation of the election code of conduct in the election is highly condemned. The Election Commission has five major disadvantages, in which the candidates violate the general election code of conduct, participants in the election campaign, together with Returning Officers, Tribunal and Government Officers, including harassment of candidates, immediate notice should be taken.

Election Commission has to play its role in holding clear, transparent elections in the country. As long as the corrupt and corrupt people in the country continue to come together, the country and the nations can never progress. Regarding the code of conduct, the implementation of the Code of Conduct should be implemented. Elections should not be contradictory in any way, but other fraudulent complaints can block the path of democratic continuity. The 2018 elections may prove to be a major change in the country. It is time to wait for the winners, vendors, investors and the corrupt elite. For 70 years the country and nation are on the mercy of these merciful elements. This is a wonderful opportunity for the people to change their destiny; we can save our future by choosing real representatives. In the past, the ruling class has done nothing more than the robbery, they have pushed the country and nation to the point of view of their bank balance.

Independent and fair elections are important times of time. The Election Commission should take serious action in this regard. At the moment, the views of the world are on the general election of Pakistan. Now, it is to see that the Election Commission succeeds freely and fair elections on July 25 or will they even ask about these elections like past?


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