Pak, US relations, situation is is critical?

After 1971, their nature changed every 10 years

After 1971, their nature changed every 10 years

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Pak, US relations are taking off the break. After 1971, their nature changed every 10 years. We ever become a foundation for the US foreign policy, so everlasting mausoleum. Are the highest decision makers of our various institutions having a permanent strategy, the details of which details do they not understand or they are satisfied with this type of relationship?

Cameron Munter, former US Ambassador to Pakistan, is currently head of the EastWest Institute, Ross Perot, chairman of the same organization, organized a drama in New York’s Harvard Club with Jr. The guests of this event were worried about Pakistani policy regarding the Haqqani network, although it has been repeatedly asserted that there is no safe sanctuary in Haqqanianis or the Quetta Shura in Pakistan, but they are worried. There are also doubts in those who keep soft pains for Pakistan, Instead of doubting the capabilities of Pakistan; they have started thinking the blindness and feel that our friends in America or the enemy are thinking in this manner. In the United States capital, there was an unresolved exchange of views from the various forum participants in the Stimson Center and Wilson Center, organized by the United States Foreign Policy Council (AFPP) in breakfast, glittering and glittering. The same recently happened in a single seat with 35 members of the American Press Association (PAPA), Pakistan. The bail of trust between Americans and Pakistanis has arisen.

Congress and Senate assistants and prominent experts attended the FPC seat, his friend and teacher Eurocheen and Russian expert Dr. Friedrich Star’s rage was an opportunity to attend. Hina Higgled hosted the breakfast at Stimson Center. Former American ambassadors of Robin Ruffle and Rick Olsen, Councilney of the State Affairs Courtney Cooper, former Ambassador Tarista Shafer, NDU Dr. Thomas F. Lynch and others attended the event. Visit both the Ambassador Robin Ruffle and Tarista Shafer, in the Wilson Center. Michael Kugelman hosted the event in professional style. Even here, sharing concerns rather than anger, talked about Washington’s reservations regarding Pakistan’s position.

Pak, United States Relations for the long run period, this trust bail was broader due to the Haqqani Network after September 2011. By December 2013, he captured North Waziristan, which he did not have to face or interfere with the Pak Army, Haqqani has never been able to support ISI or military support, and there were some guerrilla’s attacks in Afghanistan on the orders of the Haqqanian leadership from Pakistani borders. To maintain the speed of their progress in Swat and South Waziristan, the commanders who fought at the front endorsed immediate action in North Waziristan, Why did Kayani be reluctant? Is it because we faced the lack of workforce or resources or their focus focused on the concerns of potential groups in Pakistan by armed groups.

Following the Haqqani attack on the American embassy in Kabul, Michael Mullen, chairman of the then chairman of the then chairman, and the true friend of Pakistan, His first press conference and later expressed anger and anxieties in the US Senate. He said Hussain Haqqani was supporting ISI’s handwriting, Pakistan, supporting extremist extremism in Afghanistan, By making extremist extremism a tool of government of Pakistan, especially the Pak Army and the ISI are not only threatening the prospects of our strategic relationship, But Pakistan is also limiting opportunities for its legitimate interest in the region as well as an honorable nation. After the disappointment of Michael Mullen, the US, US relations fell short-term. General David Petraeus, as Commanding General and the CIA, acknowledged that there is no direct evidence of the Pakistani assistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Most evidence reports are available and therefore, they rejected the comment. It is not just a consensus that the allegedly scorned memo by the Pakistani ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani also came to the scene in 2011 to save the Zardari government. Defense is expected to be the ambassador of the country, but Hussain Haqqani has been able to keep the American suspects against Pakistan. America does not make any discount when Americans are suffering from danger or risk to life. When we crossed the line, then we became a potential rivals from a friendly friend. After the open support of Hussain Haqqani, India started a regular campaign with the help of lies and fraud to defame Pakistan.

In December 2013 attacks on Army Public School killed 149 people, including 139 children. It is a record on the record that none of these invaders was Pakistani. The invaders were Chechen, Arab and Afghan; they also came to know evidence of the support of Afghan NDSI from Afghanistan. Similarly, Afghan government elements sheltered Mullah Fazlullah, who ordered orders to kill Malala, sheltering in his country. After the Army Public School tragedy, when General Raheel Sharif launched Operation Zub-e-Azb on June 15, 2014, Due to earthquake and air strikes, ultimately the Haqqani hideouts ended in North Waziristan. By 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense was keen on helping Pakistan in an intensely manner, while the Foreign Office was not even more soft to Pakistan. Today, the situation has changed since 7 years. The US military could not get any solid success; the main reason for the Afghan army is the poorest potential. In this case, Afghans have made an easy way to make Pakistan an easy way to put a curse on their bad performance. The US military (especially in whose officers have a majority of Tajiks) On the basis of a whole generation of heart attacks in American soldiers, anti-Pakistan propaganda is indoors. Pakistan’s hatred in the hearts of Tajiks is found in the hands of the Taliban from the northern alliance of Ahmed Shah Masood from Kabul. Washington will be the first to suppress the tension in Pakistan. There is hatred against the US at the public level in Pakistan, but they do not think that the stress continues, but it also responds to what extent the conditions can reach. Pure, US relations need to be stopped immediately. According to the doctor, the wounds are deeper; it will be very difficult to cure them. Unfortunately, if we do nothing or delay further, we may have to lose a lot. Never had such a surprise seen.


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