Pak-Afghan relationship at the lowest level   

Pak-Afghan relationship at the lowest level   

Pak-Afghan relationship at the lowest level

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In Afghanistan’s situation of war-fighting, there is so much uncertainty and uncertainty that many well-wishers ask Pakistani, what is the Afghan policy of the end? This theme is subject to discussion at the TV talk show, but the answers made by politicians and analysts do not give too much light on it. In such discussions, there is usually a lack of meaningful facts. It is a matter of understanding that Pakistan’s policy regarding Afghanistan changes in the reaction of political changes in Kabul. Islamabad, but it should be said that Rawalpindi’s decision makers are also committed to the change in the Afghan war. The most important thing in Pakistan’s strategic experts, who reflect the country’s national policy and finalizes it, is the most important thing. At the moment, Pakistan’s policy towards the policy of ensuring Afghanistan is a friend of Kabul, established in Kabul. It also means that whatever power in Afghanistan is found, at least it does not bow to India’s traditional rival, India. To achieve this goal, Pakistan takes patience and patience as much as possible, although the statements given in the Afghan media and the Parliament of Parliament are generally provocative about Pakistan. It is tried that when Afghanistan puts responsibility for its endangered issues, the propaganda should not be answered in that language.

Whenever Afghan Taliban makes a big attack in Afghanistan, Islamabad, Kabul does not succeed in satisfying. These attempts to convince Kabul have also been shattered that they should not bow down to India in comparison to Pakistan. That is why relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are at its lowest level. During the last two years, Afghanistan has ultimately extended to India’s camp, and during this time, Pak, Afghan relations have shown worse than bad. Another principle of Pakistan’s Afghan policy is to play a role in peace in Afghanistan. This means to facilitate negotiations between the Afghan Taliban and the Kabul government, so that the partnership between them can be formulated by any formula. There is a challenge for Pakistan to agree with the Afghan Taliban to negotiate with the Kabul government, and then there is no guarantee that there will be no agreement between the negotiation and the peace process will be resolved. Nevertheless, political negotiations are the only source of peaceful agreement for all stakeholders, the countries that are directly influenced by Afghan crises, such as Pakistan and Iran, will have to try a peace deal. Pakistan does not want anyone to set up the government in Afghanistan by pushing all stakeholders aside. There is no such wish in Islamabad that he should act according to power and perform the same behavior that he had kept from 1996 to 2001, and they were constantly fighting with other Afghan groups and non-Pashtun factions. His government on Afghanistan was ambitiously isolated. It was rejected by the community community. If they get involved in power then it will be the same again. Also, military officials of Pakistan are worried that the Afghan Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan. Pakistani Taliban and their allies will be encouraged and they will try to get such a victory in Pakistan. Although Pakistan’s extremists have become weak because of military military operations, the military leadership can not focus on seeing past past experiences. It is said that there are links with Afghan Taliban leaders in Islamabad and it has also allowed some of them to stay in Pakistan. Sartaj Aziz, who was his Advisor for Foreign Affairs till the Prime Minister’s decision to disagree nine Azishaf, Acknowledged Afghan presence in Pakistan during a speech in Washington in 2015, 2015 in that case, Pakistan can influence their decision making process. Now it is another thing that these links can be viewed positively and negative. Positively, these links can be used to maintain peace. And their importance also increases when the war in Afghanistan and the political process have become controversial. There is no possibility of ending Afghan militancy due to no progress on both sides.

The Donald Trump is not the first US President to encourage India to play a major role in Afghanistan. Earlier, Barack Obama did this in a very slim way contrary to his aggressive moody successors. Inviting the Afghan issue of military solution and invitation to join India will become more deep and brutal in Kashmir. The Trump has ignored Pakistan’s concern, and has ignored China, Russia and Iran’s concerns. Thus they have closed the path of political reconciliation with the Taliban. India has completed several construction and development projects worth $ 2 billion in Afghanistan, some of them continue to work. However, its role there is suspicious and Pakistan has a problem. India’s main goal is to break the Pakistani influence and make sure it is that the Afghan soil should not be used to empower India. On the other hand, there is a growing presence of India, neighboring countries, Pakistan, to become instability of Pakistan. The statements given by the Indian Kulbhushan Jadhav, the commander and spokesperson of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, arrested from Baluchistan, and his spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, highlight the Indian role. That he is creating difficulties for Pakistan through the Baloch separatists and Pakistani Taliban. If India gets a major role in Afghanistan, it is a war in proxy wars in the war-fought country, And as a result, further stability and complexity will come to the relations between Pakistan and India. Under the Trump America, America is trying to achieve more than one goal by inviting them to play a major role in Afghanistan. She wished to take responsibility for bringing stability to her regional partners in Afghanistan, and doing so, in order to pressure Pakistan to follow Islam. The US policy is difficult to succeed by looking at the complex situation of Afghanistan for achieving short-term goals. Due to a long-term policy, neither US, Afghan war will be able to win nor will Afghanistan be strengthened. Instead, this region will be more ineffective, with rival nuclear powers; Pakistan and India fail to resolve many of their conflicts, and among which there are such a flaw lines, any country that can exploit them can cope with unpredictable crises.


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