Our country is at stake and this has never happened before, Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump, who is facing an investigation into alleged abuse of authority, he warns supporters that our country is at stake and has never done this before. French news agency AFP reports that US President Donald Trump’s video statement on the social networking site Twitter reports, the Democrats’ legislators responded to an investigation into allegations against Trump. Donald Trump was accused of violating his oath by seeking help from the Ukrainian president to harm his Democratic rival and vice president Joe Biden. In a video statement, Trump said that the rights of the Democrats are at stake, they want to take back your weapons, your health, your vote and your freedom. In various tweets, Trump repeated the allegations against himself, saying the investigation into molestation equates to witchcraft.

Donald Trump added that Democratic lawmaker Adam Schiff, who is leading the investigation into the lawsuit, they discredit me and slander, and they should resign from Congress. The US president later retweeted dozens of video clips from Republican politicians and media allies in which Ukraine defended Donald Trump in scandal and criticized the Democrats. It ended with a tweet approved by Trump that criticized Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who is working for a gas company in Ukraine while his father is vice president. The ad says that when President Trump asked Ukraine to investigate corruption against Biden’s son, the Democrats wanted to prosecute him and his pet media. It added that he (Biden) lost the election and now wants to steal it. It should be noted that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was not formally charged with corruption and that Joe Biden tried to sack the prosecutor in every way. Because the United States, Western European countries and the IMF all believed that they were not so hard on corruption.

The congressional committees that prosecuted Donald Trump ordered US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to bring documents related to Ukraine and interview five state department officials next week. Officials to be interviewed include former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch he was fired earlier this year by the US president for resisting Ukrainian President Joe Biden’s efforts to pressure investigators.


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