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US killed thousands of Afghan Peoples interests in 17 years

US killed thousands of Afghan Peoples interests in 17 years

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One of the most important examples about Afghanistan is to save you from poisonous poison, lion dental and Afghan revenge. An American Congress member wrote that the US killed thousands of Afghan Peoples interests in 17 years, He spent several billion dollars, but his mission failed and did not achieve goals. Afghanistan is a closed country which is surrounded by Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan. Pakhtunkhwa is the ancient tradition of Afghanistan. Honors, hospitality and revenge are its basic principles. The population of Pashtuns in Afghanistan is high, spread across the border of the Afghan, Pakistani border. The second is Uzbeks and Tajiks. The United Kingdom could not conquer Afghanistan in its imperial era.

British Prime Minister Churchill told Britain that war in Afghanistan is due to waste and depression. In 1979, Russia entered its forces in Afghanistan to gain control over Afghanistan. It was a cold war between America and Russia. Russia’s golden opportunity got a golden opportunity from Russia and he began to plan to make Russia and Vietnam. Pakistan’s general general Zia-ul-Haq and the secret agency ISI united the United States for Afghan jihad. Many countries of the world, especially Saudi Arabia, funded the Afghan jihad. During the 1980s and 1991, the US supplies a $ 5 billion weapon to the Afghan Mujahideen. Russia had to face defeat for severe local resistance.

During the Afghan jihad, due to the extraordinary role of Pak Army, Pakistan suffered losses. Amar Janelel shook the Pakistani Council in a fire of terror for his power. After the defeat of Russia, the United States has quietly quieted Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s management and peace was wasted. Mujahideen and War Lords began to fall apart from each other for Kutdar. Smoking, extravagance, adultery, and murder of galleries are common. Being respected for the Afghan people is fed up.

In these circumstances Mullah Omar started a jihad with a group of students and decided to restore peace to Afghanistan. The Afghan people helped with the Taliban’s simplicity and emotional influence. The Taleban led by Mullah Omar succeeded in capturing Kabul and they restored peace in Afghanistan. America and Western countries were surprised to see the popularity of Taliban. Mullah Omar used Islam and Pashtun nationalism as a weapon and won the hearts of the Afghan people from their ideal role. If the Taliban join the Islamic concept of thinker Islam Allama Iqbal with the new requirements of Jihad, then the world recognizes them. But they took some extremist measures by following their own law that did not like the modern world.

Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda leader who played the main role in Afghan jihad and was America’s poorest. The Taliban was allies and guests of the government. After the 9/11 tragedy, the United States demanded Osama bin Laden to withdraw from Afghanistan, which Mullah Omar declined. The US decided to attack Afghanistan with the help of NATO at the end of 2001. General Pervez Musharraf on Pakistan was ruler of Pakistan, in contrast to national interests for his power; he accepted the frontline alliance of the war against terrorism on the unusual US policy. The United States escaped from Kabul after the Taliban intensely bombarded Afghanistan. America ignored the Pashtun ethnicity and set up the government of the Northern Alliance (Tajik, Uzbek) on Afghanistan however, the head of the government nominated Pashtun Hamid Karzai, which had no influence in the Pashtun areas. A joint Afghan government formed in the US patronage failed to establish peace and provide basic facilities. Afghan feelings of Pashtun areas of Afghanistan were deprived and they started supporting Pashtun Taliban.

By influencing the Afghan Taliban’s achievements, Pakistan Taliban also formed a separate organization. Al Qaeda, Afghan Taliban, ISIL and Pakistan Taliban are fighting the Afghan government for their own purposes in Afghanistan. The United States has lost the war in Afghanistan and is now looking for a path of honorable return. The United States expanded the influence of India in Afghanistan and both Pakistan’s East and West borders were unsafe.

The government of Tehreek-e-Insaf is giving special attention to Afghanistan’s problem. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi visited Afghanistan before the US visit to get full information about ground realities. America has decided to leave Afghanistan. However, he hopes that before the withdrawal of the US forces, peace and stability in Afghanistan will not be possible without talks with the Afghan Taliban. During the last government, Pak-US relations were very tense. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has met US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton in the United States, which is being considered positive and pleasant. External Affairs Minister Mike Pompeo is optimistic that pneumonia in Pak, US relations will end, and both countries will step down for joint goals. US officials have emphasized that the Afghan Taliban should be brought to negotiation table. Pakistan will have to find a solution to the Afghan issue by taking Russia, China and Iran in addition to the United States. If the new government attempts to win the hearts of the Afghan people by exchange of delegation at the public level, far away the results can be obtained.


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