One hundred thousand Palestinian martyrs since the establishment of Israel

Palestine Martyrs' Day has been celebrated in Palestine since 1969 until today.

Palestine Martyrs’ Day has been celebrated in Palestine since 1969 until today.

Jerusalem, Damascus … News Time

Palestine Martyrs’ Day has been celebrated in Palestine since 1969. A report released on the occasion states that since the establishment of Israel on Palestinian land, one hundred thousand Palestinians have been martyred by the terrorists of the occupying state. According to the Palestine Information Center, the figures released are of Palestinians who have been martyred since 1948. Of these, 11,000 Palestinians were martyred during the Al-Aqsa regime from 2000 to 2005, while 2014 is remembered as a bloody year in Palestinian history. This year, 2,240 Palestinians were martyred, including 2,181 in the war imposed on the Gaza Strip. According to the report, 151 Palestinians were martyred in the state terrorism of the Israeli army during 2019. During 2020, 48 Palestinian Zionist prisons were visited. In the first week of 2021, an unarmed Palestinian was shot dead in Hebron.

On the other hand, recent Israeli attacks on Iranian bases in Al Kiswah, south of the Syrian capital Damascus, destroyed several targets. According to the news agencies, the atmosphere in Damascus resounded with loud explosions as a result of the Israeli attacks. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a gathering of Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders. However, the details of the casualties could not be ascertained. A report broadcast on Asadi TV channel said that Israeli planes had bombed several targets in the southern part of the country. The attack, which took place between Wednesday and Thursday night, is the third Israeli strike in the region in 10 days. Deviant Assad army officials say the bombing targeted Revolutionary Guards bases and the strongholds of Iranian-backed militias. A spokesman for Assad’s army said the missiles hit several military targets near Damascus. The missile passed through the Golan Heights in Syria and landed in the area.


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