Nuclear plants are the red line Iranian President

Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rohani

Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rohani

Tehran News Time

Iran in the sink at a price not to destroy its nuclear installations to announce that they have red line. Expressed that the President of Iran in an interview to the Financial Times. Other hand, Israel and the U.S.’s. Historical mistake Israel declared its agreement with the world powers, and U.S. law makers to implement the pact for Iran sanctions pressure on keeping it pressed. Financial Times Rohani from asked what would Iran over its nuclear installations? Iran Iranian president replied that the uranium enrichment will continue in view of its fuel needs, it is a hundred percent of our red line. ” ‘ on the question of its relations with the United States in the future , he said:’ at this point we want to stress reduction and gradual want to create an atmosphere of mutual trust , during the last 35 years ending problems take time year. ” Obama said that the implementation of the Geneva Convention regarding the trial will be to establish a mutual trust that we are capable or not, the agreement will be fully responsible to follow carefully. ‘ ‘ international atomic Energy agency for the Iranian delegate Ali Najafi said in late December or early January , we ‘ll be able to start implementing the Geneva agreements .


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