Now Japan’s female robot will read the news

Japan's elegant woman Robot Erica

Japan’s elegant woman Robot Erica

Tokyo … News Time

Last days, you will have read the news about Japan’s elegant woman Robot Erica, and now this year Erika as the news anchor will hear the news for the first time. The man-made robot has installed the world’s most modern artificial system that enables it to communicate. Engineer Hiroshi Ishiguro, who created it, has prepared it after years of work and they say that there is a free level of awareness that Hiroshi Ishiguro is considered to be a kind of spirit. A few months later, Erica will make a new role in April that has never been done before. Erica will listen to the Japanese TV for the first time on TV. According to Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, he will read news with artificial intelligence and human help. Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro Osaka University, head of Intelligence Jet Robotics Laboratory and since 2014, he is trying to make his own news castor on the TV. The amount spent in the past several years has been spent in the preparation of this robot. This robot represented by human beings does not lighten his arm, but he adds an impression to his talk while speaking. It attracts and answers questions. Erica is a masterpiece of technology whose face takes 14 infra-red sensors and it can understand the face effects of the people in a stuffed room. Dr Dylan Glas, who created this robot’s software, said that it listens to the lips and rocks and thinks and correctes on their bills. In this regard, Erica is a completely robotic robot.

The same team made 2 robots news anchors for the first time in real-time 2014 in 2014, which were named Kodomoroid and Otonaroid. However, he was limited to the Tokyo Museum. Experts also want to know how people behave with robots in real-life environment and how they come from. Reading the Erica News, the lips are light, move the move and gives the head to the right or left. It has drained motor motors that make an impression on their face.


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