Not Muslim militants, Russia and China is a threaten America, Pentagon

US Army Chief General Mark Milley

US Army Chief General Mark Milley

Pentagon … News Time

The Pentagon cautioned against the US defense strategy, saying that the United States is a threat to China and Russia, not to Muslim militants. According to a report published in the newspaper, General Mark Milley, the head of the US military, said that China and Russia are the greatest threat to the US international interests. Also speaking to a news agency, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper rejects the role of militants in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of troops from Kabul is not linked to an agreement with the Taliban. The report quoted Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley as saying that in the long-term, China is the only threat to the United States and that Russia with nuclear weapons is a major threat to today. The aforementioned report states that there is a potential for international power competition.

It is to be noted that General Mark Milley has been active in the affairs of Syria, Turkey, North Korea, Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia since becoming the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on September 30th. The report claims that China and Russia are expanding their spheres economically, politically, diplomatically and militarily and all this is happening in the wake of hybrid conflict. In addition, General Mark Milley, the head of the US military, expressed confidence that China and Russia want to increase their regional and global dignity. According to him, both US rivals will use all this government repression to force a change in the international system. The report quoted General Mark Milley as saying that this is a dangerous world and it is better with friends, Washington appeals not to allow China and Russia to harm the US while we must maintain peace through force. US Army Chief General Mark Milley’s priority list said that after China and Russia, North Korea and Iran are a major threat to US interests.

Earlier on Monday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in an interview to news agency Reuters apart from the peace deal with the Taliban, there is a possibility of a reduction in the number of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. He said he was optimistic that we would reduce the number of our people in Afghanistan but believed that Afghanistan would not be a safe haven for terrorists who could invade the United States. It should be noted that there are 13,000 US and thousands of NATO troops in Afghanistan. US officials had said that the number of US troops would be reduced to 8,600, which would only assist in counter-terrorism projects.


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