North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced marry his sister retired American basketball Dennis Rodman

Retired US basketball player Dennis Rodman and head of North Korea Kim Jong Un

Retired US basketball player Dennis Rodman and head of North Korea Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang … News Time

American Basketball Association (NBA) retired 55-year-old Dennis Rodman announced North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un married 29-year-old sister. Kim Jong Un friend and brother Dennis Rodman was also revealed during a press conference Saturday that his secret relationship with Kim running past years with his sister, Kim Yo-jong. President Kim Jong Un also allowed to marry his sister said. Dennis Rodman has for that I announce with great pleasure that I finally love life after three failed marriages. He has found a new family here with Kim Yo-jong and Kim Jong Un and I’m not happy with her life. He said to me, Kim Yo-jong and Kim Jong Un Angel and North Korea is like heaven for me. I find that I finally found. Kim Yo-jong’s marriage rumors have gained considerable media attention yesterday. According to a British newspaper reported that Kim Jong Un the TV show ” The Bachelor ” I bid for my sister’s auction Although reports have proved false  but the rumors were enough to stand on the question of polygamy that is why Kim Yo-jong now declared regular marriage. According to a report by South Korea Miss Kim Yo-jong Kim Jong Un is also accused of propaganda and the recruitment and development. Also at Kim Yo-jong, Dennis Rodman and plays an important role in establishing Darman friendship of brother this announcement is also clearly confirm this claim. The Miss Kim Yo-jong was recently elected member of the Central Committee of North Korea. Remember that one day before Kim Jong Un’s aunt was also revealed in the last years of doing business.


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