North Korea tested another ballistic missile, Special meeting of the Security Council on the North Korean missile program

North Korea tested another ballistic missile

North Korea tested another ballistic missile

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After two months of silence, another ballistic missile has been tested by North Korea. In this context, Japanese officials say North Korean ballistic missile has been in the atmosphere for 50 minutes, which fell into the special economic zone of Japan. North Korea’s ballistic missile dropped 1000 kilometers away in Japan; Pyongyang is still the highest-flying missile. US Defense Minister James Mattes confirmed the North Korean ballistic missile experience. According to White House, during the presence of the missiles, American President Donald Trump was briefed about. White House spokeswoman said US President Donald Trump said his reaction would be dealt with North Korea. The United States had declared North Korea a terrorist backing state a week ago.

On the other hand, a special meeting of the Security Council was held at the request of the United States last evening in which the risks related to the global peace were discussed by the North Korea’s ambitious ballistic missiles and the Pyongyang’s conflicts. The Security Council’s emergency meeting was held on the request of the US. On this occasion, US delegates described North Korean ballistic missiles as a threat to global peace and security. Earlier, the US Foreign Minister Rex Tallerson emphasized the global community that he would put new sanctions against Pyongyang in response to the new experiences of North Korean ballistic missiles. The US Foreign Minister said his country was trying to impose the worst economic sanctions on the North Korea through the Security Council. These restrictions and measures include restrictions on shipping of North Korea to the sea.


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