Nigerian militants in the number of people killed in the attacks exceeded 130

Militants in Nigeria

Militants in Nigeria

Nigeria — News Time

Northeast Nigeria militant attack toll of 130 passes, while hundreds were injured, French News Agency of Nigeria, Senator Muhammad Ali nadumy quoted the Al-Qaeda sub- group Boko militants, a number of borno state located in the north-east of the village was attacked. 106 people were killed in a militant attack. These kamzyd said that more than 60 people were paying last rites. Attackers burned dozens of homes in the latest action. , according to local media, a Christian -dominated village was attacked AZGY. Surviving an eyewitness told AFP that the attack would search the house and find homes for the hit hiding. Anything shot others ‘ throats were slit. Attacking half 9 at night and arrived in the area. They were 6 trucks and on motorbikes. They were dressed as soldiers. Eyewitness said afterwards he attacked his family climbed the wall 40 minutes of belly flailing managed to escape from there. Village residents killed Abu Usman informed persons are bodies lying in the streets. buried bodies without fear, we ran away from there., a local official the attackers told aularamu shops, houses and warehouses were also looted and all carried around in trucks.


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