New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arder is entitled to Nobel Peace Prize

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

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About two weeks ago, the worst incident in a peaceful country like New Zealand has suddenly happened when a bird killed 49 worshipers by firing prayers during the New Mosque of New Zealand and he also aired this horrific action on social media directly. After all this action, the test of the New Zealand government and the behavior of local people began but in this test, he would be very successful in the expectations of Muslims because after the Christchurch attack, New Zealand’s parliament was eager to read Holy Quran. The non-Muslim members of the Parliament also got involved in the practical environment of Holy Qur’an’s readiness. The famous scholar Maulana Nizam ul Haq Thanvi read the Surah of Sura al-Baqara which meant that O believers! Be patient, surely Allah is with those who are patient. For the first time in New Zealand’s history, it was reported that in the parliament, read Holy Quran was done.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern started his speech while doing Assalam o Alaikum the protest was strengthened by a minute silence in the Parliament, solidarity with the victims of Christchurch. In addressing Parliament, Prime Minister New Zealand Jacinda Adern expressed his worst hatred instead of being named as a bride. That I consider honoring the names of the victims and the brutality killed humanity. Prime Minister New Zealand announced Friday the call of prayer on the whole New Zealand and the official TV and radio. Jacinda Adern delivered a great tribute to Pakistani Naeem Rasheed, who served as Jam-e-Shahid, saving the worshipers from terrorists. If Naeem Rasheed wanted to save his life, he could escape, but he tried to save the terrorists by avoiding other prayer-makers and gave evidence of martyrdom. The sacrifice of Naeem Rashid was further raised by the Pakistanis.

Naeem Rasheed’s widow Ambreen Rasheed gave a historical interview to the local journalist of New Zealand he bestowed on the feelings of the Muslims and basic ideas and his interview was admired worldwide. Shaheed Naeem Rashid’s widow surprises the world by answering the smiling questions and the emotions of this lady have mixed all the desires of terror and violence. Ambreen Rasheed said in the interview that my husband and son’s testimony taught me the love of humanity and Islam is the religion of love of humanity. He said about the brutality that he hated in his heart and I am afraid of his hatred. Ambreen Rasheed said on the hosts that you will now go to the mosque in prayer? So he said that the testimony of my husband and son has further strengthened my faith, and I will come to the innocent and dangerous mosque. Ambreen Rasheed said that after this fraternity, we are calm but the terrorists will never be happy. After interviewing Ambreen Rasheed, Anchar embraced him with anxiety and the whole world became aware of the teachings of Islam and the teachings of Islam.

The terrorists thought that I would stop Muslims from going through mosques; people would turn away from religion. In New Zealand a wave of mutual hatred between Islam and infidel will arise that the whole area of ​​New Zealand will begin to offer a scene of prohibitions. And after achieving all these goals, his heart could get tired, but the biggest role in failure to achieve all these goals is the New Zealand Prime Minister. Those who proved to be at every level by their actions that we are with the victims and Muslims and such anxiety will not be tolerated. New Zealand Prime Minister imposes heavy penalties and penalties by promulgating law by making law and order orders to submit arms and along with the whole New Zealand call for the call of prayer on Friday.

New Zealand’s writings wrote the Assalam-o-Alaikum on the front page. Thousands of Muslims paid Friday prayers in Hagly Park connected to the Masjid-ul-Noor Mosque on Friday and on this historic occasion, New Zealand Prime Minister and thousands of non-Muslim locals solidified the black dress and black stripes. New Zealand Prime Minister described his hadeeth as peace be upon him in his address. Imam of the Sermon Friday said that the people of New Zealand rejected the ideological ideology and tried to divide the nation.

The New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern’s behavior and balanced measures are not sure that great people are also leading a country in such a period of extremism those who live in any kind of hypocrisy are alive to serve and protect humanity. After the best practices of Jacinda Adern, the locals of New Zealand are wondering about their wish that you become Muslims. Extremists threaten to kill Jacinda Adern. The Christchurch incident was so bad that if New Zealand’s leadership in this case did not adopt the best practices so not only would conditions worsen in New Zealand but its worst effects throughout the world.

Many books can be written on the causes of the rise in terror and the rise in the world. And this is not the purpose to consider the reasons for terrorism increase. It is simply to be written that in the absence of secret agencies like organizations like Mossad and Raw like Narendra Modi Tramp, Mosaad and Raw are likely to increase religious profits on every passing day. But presence of all the devils in the absence of a moderate personality like New Zealand’s prime minister is less than a blessing. The best way of doing this is that if you do not know what you are doing, then you can not do it. The amount that Jacinda Adern did. That is why they have become the trespasses of Muslims and gatherings are organized in their favor around the world. At this very best practice, I would say that Jacinda Adern is 100% solely entitled to Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. Allah purifies all the nations in such a manner that make fair decision-making and fair-based hypocrites, to implement them and prove their conduct that they are the best leadership.


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