New Zealand flag transfer movement    

Flag of the proposed new sample name Silver Fern

Flag of the proposed new sample name Silver Fern

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New Zealand is a populous state-owned state-owned state, in 2014, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key presented the idea that the national flag should be changed. The movement of transforming the national flag was going on for a long time. His supporters considered his flag the sign of British colonial government. So they wanted to change it. Now the prime minister also became a pro-pro movement. They announce the referendum in that case. In the first phase the new flagship designs were held between November to December 2015. This first referendum had a competition between 5 flags that won the Silver Fern flag. There are 31 lakh voters in New Zealand. Half of them went to vote. In March 2016, the referendum took place between the new and the old flag. Approximately 21 lakh people participated in this referendum, out of which 56.61 percent of them voted for not changing. As the majority of the people got the right to maintain the current flag.

Flag of the proposed new sample name Silver Fern:

There was a small leaf leaf plant. There are 4 stars of red flag on the new flag, which translate the trends of southern stars and are present in the present flag. Black and brightness is made in the corner. These impressions are also linked to the New Zealand’s leading Rugby team. The new flag model was created by the New Zealand resident Kyle Luckwood in Australia. Prime Minister John Key said it was a great opportunity to change the national symbol that was lost. However, New Zealand’s renowned actor, Sam Neil had to say about the new flag that the towel used on the beach (current flag) could not be replaced. It’s very bad.


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