New Trump orders travel restrictions certificate suspended indefinitely

Trump travel ban will not apply until the trial

Trump travel ban will not apply until the trial


Hawaii State Federal Judge Derrick Watson has suspended indefinitely the new order of the President of Donald Trump by 6 were travel restrictions imposed on Muslim countries. Foreign news agency, according to the air from the influx of tourists and international students in the US president’s decision was to stand in court will harm both. The judge suspended for an indefinite period, the new order of Federal Judge Donald Trump said Derrick Watson travel restrictions in the US state of Hawaii which means that Trump travel ban will not apply until the case is in court. Remember that President under the new order of travel restrictions by Donald Trump in the US for 90 days at 6 citizens of Muslim countries had banned entry 5 states that had challenged while this order from entering the United States on behalf of the citizens of the Muslim countries, was released in January Trump Bowl after a public outcry and opposition from different states of the court was suspended. The US president had challenged the decision of suspension of the Ninth Circuit Court of the Federal Court, but the Court had upheld the lower court’s decision.


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