Nawaz Sharif’s politics, After Panama

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

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Nawaz Sharif has changed a lot and at the same time this politics, this Punjab, this country and this society has also changed. Before Panama, we knew another Nawaz Sharif who talked of reconciliation till the last moment, tried to find a middle way solution, tried to take everyone along, sprayed cold water on the burning, protest No, he was inclined towards coincidence. He was firm and final in his decisions even then, but he did not take the path of confrontation. He was still determined to hit. Had it not been for the hit, the Charter of Democracy would not have been formed, it would not have carried out a nuclear blast despite pressure from all over the world, it would have resigned immediately in 1999, but Nawaz Sharif continued to avoid confrontation in spite of his bad behavior.

Now Nawaz Sharif has changed a lot. After being removed from the post of Prime Minister for the third time, Nawaz Sharif’s politics has changed a lot. He is no longer talking about reconciliation, he is talking about resistance. Now he wants a decisive confrontation. Now he is not looking for a middle way. Or thinks across the board, it no longer tolerates the sarcasm that Punjab does not raise the voice of resistance, now he can not hear the slander that the leaders of Punjab do not sacrifice; now they are not looking for a deal, an offer. Now he does not want to spare any sacrifice, now he loves only the one who raises his voice against oppression, now he knows the one who is strong against oppression, now he is close to the one who is close to history. Look in the right direction, whoever speaks of disagreement with this system, speaks of revolution.

Nawaz Sharif’s close friends say that if Nawaz Sharif had wanted, he could have easily become the Prime Minister for the fourth time. All he had to do was compromise, bow his head and look away. Nawaz Sharif did not follow the advice of these friends. He turned to the courts to clear himself. He was very hopeful that when there was no crime, what would be proved, but at the door of justice, his thought was only a wish. After that, he stuck to his principled position. He could have come to Lahore from the motorway if he wanted, but he took the journey on GT Road. He raised the slogan of why he kicked me out and unveiled the history, started telling the story of 70 years to the people, recited the lament of every Prime Minister, spoke of every political party.

At that time Nawaz Sharif knew very well what was going to happen next, he could be deported, he could be imprisoned in solitary confinement, he could be hanged, and disasters could befall the family. Friends may be reprimanded, but now he was ready for every sacrifice, he had crossed the border of every fear. Now that his confidence in justice had been shaken, he was aware of the NAB’s revenge. The reasons for the media trial were known, after Panama, he was out of optimism. He was now adamant on the statement of respect for the vote. Nawaz Sharif suffered a lot from this statement and made many sacrifices. Deliberately leaving his wife on his death bed, he took Maryam Nawaz’s hand and got ready to go to prison. The ailing wife died in Diyarbakir. The three-time prime minister kept begging the prison superintendent to let him talk for a minute. Nawaz Sharif wanted to say goodbye to his wife on the last trip but the jail superintendent complied with the higher authorities and did not talk. Nawaz Sharif remained in solitary confinement. I saw my daughter being arrested in front of me, I saw Rana Sanaullah under trial in a false case, I saw Shahid Khaqan Abbasi going to jail, I saw Khawaja Asif and Ahsan Iqbal being punished in a criminal democracy, I mourned the death of my mother, PPP The PDM has seen disloyalty, but nothing has changed Nawaz Sharif’s stance. He is still adamant in his demand.

Nawaz Sharif has no lust for power now, no desire to be the Prime Minister for the fourth time, he wants a deal or relaxation, now he does not want the Punjab government, he is not interested in any other post, he now wants to turn the tide of history, Wants to be a symbol of resistance against oppression and tyranny. Now he wants to pay off the 74-year-old debt, the ultimate solution to the suffering of the people. PML-N has never been a party of resistance, Nawaz Sharif changed this party, gave a word to the workers who bowed their heads, encouraged those who disagreed, slapped those who resisted. Now he only wants democracy, a democracy in which only the people are involved. He no longer tolerates the interference of undemocratic institutions, he demands the supremacy of parliament, and he demands the sovereignty of the people. Nawaz Sharif’s politics has changed a lot since the Panama decision, this country has changed a lot. The things that people did not dare to say even in a hushed voice are now starting to erupt; the slogans that did not even seem to be in a dream have now started to be heard. This is the success of Nawaz Sharif; in fact this is the first installment of this success. The journey taken by Nawaz Sharif is a difficult one but the journey has started on this path, this country has changed. This society has changed, Nawaz Sharif has changed.


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