Natural disasters and sudden disasters in the year 2016 at a glance    

earthquake in Ecuador, killing 233 people were killed

earthquake in Ecuador, killing 233 people were killed

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2016 will be remembered in many ways, but this year they come to less accident, which was no human error, but treat it as natural disasters, the spread of mass destruction as well as heavy financial losses. Seasonal variation due to the upcoming Latin American country on April 7, 2016 events this year was the earthquake in Ecuador, killing 233 people were killed. In Paris a lightning incident occurred, causing 11 people were injured, including 8 children. Matthew Storm the US was the biggest storm of the century, in which 43 people were killed and hundreds injured. Incoming storm extinguished the candles were always 78 people’s lives China. Blizzard also great destruction in the US which 29 people were killed. Taiwan earthquake 14 people died and more than 150 missing. In Norway that killed more than 300 Bighorn by lightning. Land sliding into China province of Fujian 41 people was missing. Lightning killed 79 people in India. A dangerous hurricane in Mexico, which is why the number of deaths to 38. Massive forest fire in California, which was reduced to ashes an area of ​​565.070 hectares. The risk of flooding in Louisiana because the water level reached 1.8 meters, 13 people was killed. Italy and Myanmar at 6.8 magnitude 240 people were killed in the earthquake. Many deaths of 7 3-point earthquake in Japan.


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