National Security Advisor ‘ out ‘ after clashing US President

National Security Advisor John Bolton

National Security Advisor John Bolton

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US President Donald Trump retires from national security adviser John Bolton French news agency AFP reports that US president tweeted on social relations website Twitter “I asked John Bolton for his resignation, which he has given me”.”I told John Bolton last night that his services were no longer needed by the White House,” he added. The US president said he would be replaced by a new national security adviser next week.

Details about the removal of John Bolton from the US president were not provided. However, in his tweet, he said he was “dissatisfied” with John Bolton’s “stance”.John Bolton later dismissed reports of his retirement. It should be noted that the recent announcement of US President Donald Trump’s suspension of peace talks with the Afghan Taliban had surprised everyone. It should be noted that veteran John Bolton has been a controversial figure in Iraq’s decisions regarding war and other foreign policies. He is also widely regarded as the leading figure in the White House in meddling in Iran, Venezuela and other controversial matters.

Remember that shortly before the US president’s tweet; the White House press office said John Bolton will hold a press conference on the issue of terrorism with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shortly after. John Bolton, on the other hand, said he was not removed from office, but rather wanted to resign. John Bolton tweeted on social networking site Twitter: “I offered to resign last night, which the US president said he would talk about tomorrow.”

Several US officials removed:

This is not the first time in the era of US President Donald Trump that he has removed a US official because of differences; he has already done so with several officials. In March 2018, US President Donald Trump announced the removal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from his position. Releasing Rex Tillerson, he will name Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo, who was later named, Donald Trump said in a statement on social networking site Twitter.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson July 20 called a fool in the Pentagon during a meeting and threatened to resign. World media reports later claimed that Vice President Mike Pence had spoken to Rex Tillerson after the incident and urged him not to step down for at least a year. In addition to the Vice President, then Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly and Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis also suggested Rex Tillerson improve relations with US President Donald Trump.

According to media reports, differences between Donald Trump and the Secretary of State on the issue of Qatar and North Korea have also surfaced. Later, US President Donald Trump fired former Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis over differences in policies regarding the Middle East and Afghanistan. And for seven months since then, no official has been entrusted with this responsibility on a regular basis. Later in July 2019, the US Senate confirmed the appointment of former military officer Mark Asper to be Secretary of Defense. It was the first time in the history of the Pentagon that for so long no one was present to carry out the responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense on a regular basis. In the meantime, the United States faced problems such as tensions with Iran and difficulties in withdrawing from Afghanistan.


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