Myanmar Rohingya to take necessary steps to curb Muslim genocide: International Court of Justice

International Court of Justice orders Myanmar to take necessary steps to prevent genocide of Rohingya Muslims

International Court of Justice orders Myanmar to take necessary steps to prevent genocide of Rohingya Muslims

The Hague … News Time

International Court of Justiceto stops the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and ordered them to collect evidence of alleged crimes against the Rohingya as well as protect them from persecution. Gambia, a Muslim-majority country, said the UN’s forum for resolving disputes between nations sought justice in November last year at the International Court of Justice. That is genocide in Myanmar in violation of the 1948 Convention on Myanmar.

Gambia’s plea on Thursday prompted the court to issue a decision on the so-called Myanmar government, but it may take several years for the final decision to be made. However, the panel, comprising 17 judges, said in its unanimous decision that the court believes that the Rohingyas are in danger and steps should be taken to protect them. Judge Abdul Qawi Yusuf, who headed the bench, summarized the verdict, saying that the Rohingya are in serious danger of genocide, Myanmar must take all measures to prevent all the measures that were banned under the Genocide Convention of 1948, to the best of their ability. The court also ordered Myanmar to use its influence on its military and armed groups to stop Rohingya Muslims from killing, mental and physical violence and other crimes.

It is thought that after the army-led operation in 2017, some 7 million Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar and sought refuge in camps along the border in Bangladesh. The UN said in its report on the matter that the military action was launched to genocide Rohingya Muslims. The Financial Times published an interview with Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi shortly before the court’s ruling in The Hague those who said that war crimes against Rohingya Muslims must have been committed, but asylum seekers exaggerated these crimes and atrocities. Sochi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 at a hearing, last month, advised judges to dismiss the case.

The decision of the International Court of Justice is final and no appeal can be made against it, however there is no way to enforce it. Abdul Qawi Yusuf, who heads the International Court of Justice, said in preliminary words, saying the court believes that Rohingya Muslims are “extremely unsafe”.The court said that we believe that the Rohingya Muslims, who are currently refugees in Bangladesh, did not take appropriate steps to hold the army accountable for ethnic harmony, peace and stability in the Rakhine state and violation of global human rights.


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