Musharraf treason case: LHC orders federal government to record statement by December 5

Former President Pervez Musharraf

Former President Pervez Musharraf

Islamabad … News Time

Special court in Pervez Musharraf serious treason case said that according to the High Court order, the Interior Ministry should appoint the team by December 5, the Foreign Ministry may appoint a 50-member team, but we will listen to only one. According to the details, a three-member bench headed by Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth in the special court heard the Pervez Musharraf serious treason case. Justice Syed Waqar Seth said he did not want to comment on the High Court ruling, we are not obliged to allow Salman Safdar to appear; we have a Supreme Court order regarding Salman Safdar, Salman Safdar can assist our appointed lawyer if you want.

Advocate Salman Safdar instructed to stay quiet rather than allow the hearing to go down, advocate Sheber Raza said that my request for expulsion should be heard, on which the court said that the first request for expulsion has been ordered, new affidavit or arguments are not allowed on the second petition.

The court said that according to the order of the High Court, the Interior Ministry should appoint the team by December 5, the Foreign Ministry may appoint a 50-member team but we will hear, only one, the court directed Sheber Raza before your 5th date. Submit your written arguments. Justice Sheikh Waqar stated that Article 10 is mentioned in the High Court order; it has completed the process, the accused was given the opportunity to present his position several times. We will hear if the accused is present in any corner of the building.

The Islamabad High Court yesterday approved the Home Ministry’s request in a constitutional breach case and the special court was prevented from hearing the decision of the constitutional breach case. Later, the Islamabad High Court issued a two-page order stopping the verdict of the Constitution. It has been ordered that the special court should decide Pervez Musharraf’s plea in accordance with the law, in the decree, the apex court ordered the federal government to appoint a new prosecutor for the treason case by December 5. On November 19, the special court reserved a verdict on the constitutional dissolution case against former president Pervez Musharraf, the decision, which will be heard on November 28, will be followed by a unilateral hearing.


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