Mr.Trump, Greenland is not for sale

Greenland, Denmark's independent territory

Greenland, Denmark’s independent territory

Greenland … News Time

Greenland’s government of Denmark’s sovereign territory, located between the North Pole and the Atlantic Ocean, has made it clear to the United States that the area is not for sale. The response from the Greenland government has come after such reports that President Trump has consulted with his White House advisers on buying Greenland. However, this is not the first time that the United States has expressed interest in buying this snow-covered area. Former US President Abraham Lincoln’s Foreign Minister William Henry Seward suggested buying Greenland and Iceland during the 1860s, when the United States was negotiating with Russia to buy Alaska. The United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $ 72 million on March 30, 1867. This area later became a regular state of the United States even though it did not connect with the United States. A US Department of State report published in 2017 said its purchase would be a good investment because of Greenland’s natural resources.

Following World War II, President Harry Truman also offered $ 10 million to buy Greenland in 1946, which was rejected by Denmark in view of its geographical and political significance. This statement was released on the official website of the Greenland Government on Friday, we have good cooperation with the United States. And we see this as an expression of US investment in our country. Greenland is definitely not for sale. Since this news is unofficial, the Greenland government does not want to make any further statements. Meanwhile, Greenland’s Foreign Ministry said in a tweet, Greenland is rich in mineral resources, clean water, ice, seafood, renewable energy and expeditionary tourism. Greenland is open for business but not for sale.


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