More than 1,600 Pakistanis in Turkey’s Ottoman camp to seek help them

More than 1,600 Pakistanis in Turkey's Ottoman camp to seek help them

More than 1,600 Pakistanis in Turkey’s Ottoman camp to seek help them

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There are many stories related to the lives of Pakistani youth going to Europe, America and other countries, leaving their country in search of better future. There are many that occur in some 20, 22 years of age when some destinations come unnoticed but even after the age is gone, even if the country can not be returned, their old parents are also killed and the next generation also becomes young, which remains alien for them.

By legally reaching other countries, according to the UN law enforcement seekers of political asylum treatment therapies and proper financial assistance are provided when accommodation facilities are provided, they are also isolated in the new society, and also get long-term courts to get a new country’s citizenship.

Neither they can return to their country till the first 5 years of departure, nor can they get suitable employment till they get the citizenship of this country, But those who enter illegal ways in these countries go home hardly from the beginning, after giving most reasonable amount of money, agents who fall in the dark of night or else others promise to illegally move from one country to another country and then to the desired country but those difficulties have to go through this period, if they already know their knowledge, they should forbid others to do so.

Most young people entering illegal countries are either put in jail after being arrested or deported, in the past; many Pakistani youth who traveled on weak boats through agents involved in human trafficking have become rude waves of the sea. Who left his old parents leaving home alone and loved Europe’s citizenship, this series is still continuing, which is the example of the imprisonment in the Ottoman camp in Turkey, which is 1600 Pakistani who came out of the house with the desire to reach the desired countries but limited to a camp. And now they are appealing to the new prime minister through video messages to return to their country.

After the youth’s voice messages were sent to the unmanned camp in the Ottoman camp in Turkey, with a close and friendly relationship with Pakistan. No major progress on the government level has come to an end that it appears to be busy dealing with election issues. It may take more than two weeks to form a new government, but any country’s policies are related to the government rather than the new or old Prime Minister, the government should not only arrange the youth trapped in Turkish camps to bring back their country as soon as possible. Instead, with their help, such agents also punish them as punishment those who have long been playing with these youth’s lives, have been suffering from their old parents.


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