More than 100 people killed, hundreds injuring in 6.5-magnitude earthquakes in China

6.5 magnitude earthquake in China's province Sichuan

6.5 magnitude earthquake in China’s province Sichuan

Beijing … News Time

More than 100 people are killed and hundreds of people are injured in the 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Sichuan province of China, the official shock was felt in Zhangzha province. According to the US earthquake-shaped center, the earthquake center was in the depths of a depth of 10 kilometers from the provincial capital Guangyuan city, 284 km northward, The earthquake struck home and buildings, people got scared out. The earthquake damaged more than one million houses and buildings, the earthquake hit the most important tourist attractions of Jiuzhaigou. Where there are numerous tourists, more than 80,000 people were killed and were missing since the earthquake in the province Sichuans in 2008.


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