Modi government has conspired to make 40% of India’s people unemployed

Modi government conspires to make 40% of Indians unemployed through 3 controversial agricultural laws

Modi government conspires to make 40% of Indians unemployed through 3 controversial agricultural laws

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi has revealed that the Modi government has conspired to make 40 per cent of India’s people unemployed through three controversial agricultural laws. The Pulwama incident on February 14, 2019 has become a laughing stock for India all over the world. In the last two years, it has been proved that the Modi Doctrine used Indian troops for political gain. Exactly two years ago, a convoy of Indian troops was attacked in Pulwama and a conspiracy was hatched to hold Pakistan responsible. Pakistan called it a political ploy but now it has been proved that what happened in Pulwama was a nefarious plan of Modi’s doctrine. During the last two years, the Modi government and the dock media nexus have been constantly exposed the so-called TV anchor Arnab Goswami’s WhatsApp leaks proved that Pulwama’s drama was fabricated. It has been proved that Modi doctrine killed his own people and even soldiers for political gain. In a bid to discredit Pakistan in the world, Modi paid a political bribe to General Bipin Rawat for this heinous project. After retirement, General Rawat was given a CD. S’s new post was given as a political bribe. Not only did the Modi government not spare the Indian Air Force for political gain, the Indian Air Force continued to lie for Modi’s political gain and during Modi’s election campaign, the Indian Air Force remained the beacon of the election campaign. After the Pulwama attack, as soon as the pool of Indian Army and Air Force opened, the biased face of Indian media became visible to the world.

Modi bought the Indian media from the bribes of TRPs for lying, people like Arnab Goswami kept dancing to Modi’s tunes in the media and the dock media kept defending Modi’s destruction, it was proved that Indian media is a residual commodity. Apart from all these, the agenda of Modi doctrine on human rights violations, terrorism, money laundering, disinfo campaign was also exposed. Modi suffered in the anti-minority, anti-EU and anti-UN campaign. Pakistan responds bluntly to Indian propaganda, DG ISPR clarifies facts that victory is always true the time has come for the international community to take notice of India’s ugly face and the UNHCR and Seek response from India on EUD Info Labs reports. In a keynote statement released on Twitter in the second decade of last month, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the international community to restrain the Modi government from pursuing extremist attitudes against Pakistan. Arnab Goswami’s revelations leaked from WhatsApp have exposed the nexus between the Indian media and the BJP government. Pakistan saved the region from being plunged into crisis after the Balakot incident and showed utmost responsibility. Pakistan has exposed India’s intentions and will continue to do so. Narendra Modi is making India a threat to others. India is trying to take the whole region towards a threat that we cannot afford. Terrorism in Pakistan is also being promoted by India; these acts are extremely heinous and dangerous.

Readers, let us now show you another side of extremism and nefarious conspiracies or it is also a lie that the Modi government has slashed its own air force, another scam of the BJP government has come to light which has caused a loss of Rs 400 billion to India. The details of the scam are as follows: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh awarded a contract worth 6. 6.25 billion to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and forced the company to take a third ship, while the Indian Navy had to ship the ship on the first day due to technical problems. The third aircraft is being introduced as an alternative to the Indian MIG-21, while more than 170 Indian pilots and 40 civilians have been killed in MiG-21 crashes since 1970. It is no secret that the Indian aviation system industry is notorious in the world for its failures and inadequacies, and the country, which sees itself as an alternative to China, has not been able to repair a shipwreck in 26 years. The MiG-21 has been replaced by Teja aircraft, but 60 percent of the Teja has been grounded. The Indian Air Force’s non-use of Teja aircraft on January 27 is a reflection of the project’s failure while the Pakistani hawks shattered the dream of Indian warriors with the JF-17 Thunder made in Pakistan. Pakistan’s success in targeting an SU-30 and MIG-21 is a testament to the expertise and professionalism of the Pakistan aviation industry.

Let the readers now tell you the story of another failure of the Modi Doctrine, how this extremist gang has become a laughing stock for India all over the world. India is burning, the world has also recognized, the film Burning India won the American Du Pont Columbia University Award. The film Burning India, based on the growing Hindu extremism in India and the ridicule of more than 200 million Muslims, has opened India’s pool to the world. The film shows how the Modi government is engaged in undermining the secular roots of India. In order to promote Hindutva, the Modi government is using clever tactics to make the Muslim population a second-class citizen. The film also exposed India’s secularism to the world. The film also depicts the plight and concerns of more than 200 million Muslims. For this reason, the film Burning India has won the American Du Pont Columbia University Award. Result for Burning India muslin beating Burning India film was included in the winning films after a special virtual presentation highlighting prominent reporting in the public interest by Columbia Journalism School.

Let us now tell you who is behind the conspiracy to make 40% of India’s population unemployed, who is the mastermind of this heinous act and under whose patronage all this is happening? Congress President Rahul Gandhi has revealed that the Modi government has conspired to make 40 per cent of India’s people unemployed through three controversial agricultural laws. Addressing a farmers’ rally in Roopnagar, Ajmer district, on the second day of his two-day visit to Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi said the Modi government was preparing to hand over 40 percent of the people’s business to just two industrialist friends. This will make farmers, small traders, the poor, laborers, wheelbarrows, trackers all unemployed. The target of the first law is that the largest industrialists in India can have as many grains, fruits and vegetables as they want. Currently, about 40% of the grain, fruit and vegetable business are in the hands of these two industrialists. After the implementation of agricultural laws, 80 to 90 percent of their agricultural business will be taken over. It will not require markets. This will make farmers, fruit sellers, vegetable sellers, wheelbarrows, peddlers unemployed. Farmers will die but we will not allow this to happen.

Rahul Gandhi also said that the second law is to increase hoarding. Under this, industrialists will buy, store and store grains, fruits and vegetables and later sell them at higher prices. This will destroy the farmers. Under the third law, a farmer will lose the right to go to court and ask the industrialists for a fair price for his crop. After coming to power, Modi government harassed small traders, laborers and farmers before GST, denomination. Now it is not only the responsibility of the farmers but also the responsibility of the workers, small traders and youth and all the people of India to put pressure on the Modi government to repeal these three agricultural laws. This is not only a matter of agriculture but also a matter of Bharat Mata. On Narendra Modi’s statement to talk to the farmers, Rahul Gandhi said that if Modiji withdraws the first three agricultural laws then the farmers will talk to him. Modi is robbing farmers’ houses and inviting them to talk on the other side. Earlier, Congress workers led by former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot gave a hearty welcome to Rahul Gandhi on his arrival at Kishangarh Airport. After that he reached the temple of folk deity Veer Tejaji in Sorsara village of Ajmer district and worshiped there. What conspiracies are being uncovered in India, these voices are rising from within India. What will be the outcome of these conspiracies? See for yourself. We are also watching because whatever happens will happen from within India, the extremists are badly caught in the cycle of their own fire.

The assembly will now be surrounded by:

You can gauge the extent of unemployment in India by coming to Patna from February 7. Enos’s education, employment journey has begun. Thousands of students and youths participating in the yatra will surround the assembly on March 1 for 1.9 million jobs. MLA Manoj Manzil says that employment was an important issue in the Assembly elections but the Nitish Kumar government is not serious about providing employment. The Modi government’s announcement of providing 20 million jobs every year proved to be a hoax. The youth are suffering the most from unemployment but the Modi government is selling government resources and industries to Adani, Ambani and foreign corporate houses in exchange for employment. Modi’s policies have exacerbated the crisis of rising unemployment after the Corona epidemic and lockdown. Every announcement of the government is proving to be rhetoric. The slogan of self-sufficient India is a betrayal of the youth. Right now, the working class of our country is going through a period of peasant movement. We, the student youth, also support the peasant movement and their demand.

Neoraj Kumar, central general secretary of Enos, says the unemployment rate in Bihar is higher than other states in India. Young people are being pushed into the contract, wage and contract system in the name of jobs. The Bihar government is threatening to deprive him of the movement. That is why the youth have been forced to migrate in large numbers from Bihar and are struggling with many problems but now the student youth are actively preparing for the fight for their future across the peasant movement. Ongoing education, employment yatra in Bihar The siege of the Assembly on March 1 will be the beginning of the employment movement. With these announcements, you can get a good idea of ​​the extent to which India’s problems have escalated and the intensity of the protests, including the farmers, students and youth who are happy with the Modi government and its supporters. ?

During the debate on the budget in the House, Nirmala Sita Raman asked 10 questions regarding Rahul Gandhi’s speech for farmers and said that we are seeing that he is constantly trying to humiliate India. Those who are mischievous against us are making compromises with the neighboring country at the party level. If there is tension at the border, they are taking details from the embassy as to what is happening. So many senior leaders talk to a group and use very abusive language, this is totally unacceptable. After taking notice of the Supreme Court for abusive language, they immediately apologized but then started the same process. On February 11, Rahul Gandhi had insulted the Speaker, who was in a constitutional position, but he had the dignity of the Speaker, which he did not pay attention to.

How could the Congress remain silent when a BJP minister criticized Rahul Gandhi? Congress Lok Sabha member TN Pratap issued a defamation notice against Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for calling Rahul Gandhi a doomsday man. Responding to the debate on the budget, Pratapan issued a notice to the Lok Sabha Speaker’s Secretariat for violating the privilege of the words used by the Finance Minister, Doomsday Man.

Today, the whole of India is burning in the furnace of protests, with opposition parties, farmers, minorities, democracy and secular forces all on one side and the extremist government of the BJP headed by Narendra Modi on the other. Today there are a series of sit-ins and demonstrations against the government all over India, the opposition is protesting all over the parliament, so it is not difficult to decide who the doomsday man is in Indian politics. Rahul or Modi?


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