May 1: International Labor Day will be celebrated tomorrow

On May 1, in 1886, laborers demand an hour of 8 hours work

On May 1, in 1886, laborers demand an hour of 8 hours work

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 May 1 is a global day of laborers. The aim of celebrating this day is to highlight the problems of laborers, workers and to solve their problems. This day, in 1886, is the result of the protest to protect labor rights at Chicago’s place. On occasion, various events, seminars conferences and rallies are held around the world. On May 2, the work was made by the workers of 8 hours working in 1886, in which Trade Unions and Labor Organizations, and other Socialist organizations demanded 8 hours work every day in the factories. The strike was announced on May 1, if the attempt to accept this demand with all legal ways failed. And it was said that the movement will continue till the demands are accepted. The work of 8 hours work was very popular in the working hours of 16-16 hours.

On this day, the workers of the United States took full strike; May 3 attacked protesters’ protest rallies in Chicago. In which 4 workers were martyred, the protest demonstrations against the fraternity gathered for demonstration, in which 25,000 workers protested, to stop this protest, the ruling classes had no escape except for adopting the way of state violence on the workers. A police officer was killed in a bomb blast, police said so the police shot bullets on protesters, resulting in a number of workers were martyred and dozens were injured. Immediately after this incident a series of raids and arrests started in which several labor leaders were arrested and also sentenced to death. Although there was no evidence against him that he was involved in the incident, he testified for the labor movement and made the justice and barriers of capitalism system clear, these martyr leaders said that you can eliminate us physically, but we can not press our voice. As a result of this struggle, laborers around the world gained 8 hours of work.

In 1989, Raymond Levin’s proposal was announced on May 1, 1890 as the May Day. The celebrations of this day are very successful. Then this day began to be celebrated as World War II.


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